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  • Howdy Caite! Glad to see everyone's still their awesome selves as usual :D
    Hey Caite. Just to let you know that I have finished my half of the tag team. No pressure, no rush. Just letting you know.
    Something happened to me at GBAtemp where I get warned and banned for just asking legitimate questions and it's hard to undo the damage to a game in which I snuck an action replay code in to get Feebas to go to Mirage Island.
    So much to do, so little time...I want to take advantage of the Christmas event so I need to finish this thing sooner rather than later, haha.
    Was gonna do that once I finish Articuno so it doesn't throw off my count xD
    omg Picard, i even forgot it existed

    theres also the uuuh. Enterprise. Maybe one day i'll brave through that.
    Aww haha. My parents watched Voyager when I was young so I watched many episodes alongside them! Lately I've wolfed down DS9 and I love it to bits. Even though I love the premise and crew and ship of Voyager, there wasn't any proper story and it was overall quite messy. DS9 was muuuch deeper and its characters lovely darker haha. I'm currently following Discovery and I loved the first season, not as keen on the second, but the third is shaping up okay mostly thanks to there being less focus on boring Burnham and more on the actually interesting crewmembers.

    I've never been able to consume TNG... It probably gets better after some seasons but dear god the first episodes are so... Aaa. I can't lmao. It's a pity, because Picard and the others are are some of the most well known trek chars. At least I got to know Worf in DS9 :)
    I am happy to see you with a second modship Caite-Chan. Congrats on the double Knighthood. I know you'll be so good in Mobile just like you are VPP, warmest!

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