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  • Really? Damn it John, please keep your hands to yourself. v_v
    John X Dave 5evah

    TT: Stand up.
    TT: Jake. This isn't the 50's.
    TT: Because you're too in love with me?
    TT: You sure sure. Bro?
    They went down for a few hours the other night - I think the server got DDoSed. :(
    Otherwise, if you haven't logged in since the conversion to IPB you have to reset your password.
    I'm pretty awesome! Graduated from Uni right last week, I'll be working in Argentina from next October on. I'm considering a US tour for next summer.
    Awesome! Just got finished applying for a few jobs. @_@ and recently got finished writing the most stressful cover letter ever! Those things are hard to write since you have to be near-perfect at selling yourself to the employer.
    Why John? @@

    TT: Sure.
    TT: See. You just admitted you wanted to do it by asking for a rain check.
    TT: And how do you feel about her. English?
    TT: Let me tell you what I WOULD put in your mouth....
    Mhm, I still hate her. ;;
    Feferi is pretty annoying to be honest. :P

    TT: I'm suuuure you didn't. Bro.
    TT: You also wanted to. Admit it. English.
    TT: You may be able to fool Roxy and Jane. But you can't fool me.

    Terezi pretty *****in'. I HATE VRISKA. She killed Aradia and she nearly killed my baby. ;A; Quite #r00d.
    I know who Meenah is, she's the ancestor of Feferi right?

    TT: Stop. Just. Stop.
    TT: You just ruined it.
    TT: I'm sorry but no sex for you now.
    I've settled on Tavros. Not because he's my patron troll nooooope.

    TT: You are one of the dumbest dorks. Wow.
    TT: The is hardly silly. English.
    TT: And now your sex appeal is gone. Congrats.
    Sollux, Karkat and Tavros are the best trolls. Besssst.

    TT: Yes you do. You just admitted it.
    TT: Partially. Anyway.
    TT: The only difference between them and you is that you don't talk about all the wars long. Long. Long ago when all was lost and *****es be trippin'.
    TT: Ask anyone.
    Tavros is very cute. Dave is swaggy.

    TT: I'm afraid I can't give you a proper answer until you give me one first. Mr. English.
    TT: You just you confounded. Oh God. Jake.
    TT: Please stop speaking like an elderly person.
    TT: It's ruining your 'sex appeal'.
    Ah thank you. <3 I snagged Dave and Tavros. :P

    Dirk is so awkward lol.

    TT: Well I do have a thing for dorks.
    TT: You're probably one of my favourites. To be honest.
    TT: So is it time for.....The sex?
    It's fiiiine, I'll find one on dA later.

    TT: Why do I associate myself with dorks like you?
    TT: Like, I'm one flying homie and you...
    TT: I'm not going to even say what you are, bro

    (I don't know how Dirk types. ;;)
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