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Captain Gizmo
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  • Hello!
    Our goal as mods was to no longer force to remake a thread because of inactivity, but make it more of a case-by-case thing. So if you feel like an existing thread still works fine for the challenge and has a relatively active host around the forums, you are free to post in that thread even if it's rather old! But if you feel like an update is needed, you can create a new thread the usual way.
    That said, if a thread isn't even in our list, it's generally a good idea to remake it into a new thread... we were rather conservative with how we put that list together, even including some older challenges, so if it's not there it's... proper old ??????
    Hahahah non jaiamsie entendu avant!! XD Ohhh j'va tellement utiliser ça astheure mwahaha
    Omg on dirait mon frère qui écrit sur mon mur :')

    "Celui qui dit celui qui l'est" ;P
    Sasha Banks! Such a great wrestler! What do you make of the times Bayley and Banks went at it on the NXT Takeover shows? :)
    Hhaha Montreal is bigger than the biggest cities in NB hahahaha seriously.

    Huuuh that password issue :o I just logged in PC now... I had some troubles. I guess I didn't remember my password.
    .... So not private! And rumors..... omg in high school... listen, a friend texted a guy, the teacher took the phone and say out loud something like the guy would listen better if he would stop texting said friend. Next day the rumors was that she was pregnant of him :o See how ridiculous it was??
    Not only I know allthe ones that lives in my street.... but we are all blood related XD So growing up it wasn't my home.. it was my street. We could ply anywhere we wanted. Even when I moved out in the city... I knew my neighbors as they were coming from the same town as me XD But it's great. I love knowing the ones who lives near me.
    hahahaha here everybody goes off the road XD Many parties are dones in the wood. Which is stupid because they don't get any phone signals from there and it's hard to find someone so if something happens.... and it did already.
    Hahhaa I guess in Montreal many will just take a cab or the bus to go clubbing? Like this, no parking and no driking and driving. Yay.
    Montreal is huge. It must feels like you are living in many cities XD I mean, in smaller town you know everybody, and everyone know stories about you. It must be different in a bigger city like Montreal.
    Well redneck it's pretty much what I gre up in XD I am not tho, really not.. I mean, I can't stand many things redneck..... but I got used to live with it :p
    Here you go at the club on your 4wheelers, with fur boots and snowsuits
    Always. I moved once (well twice but in the same city I just moved a street away) I would like to stay in Ontario one day, or maybe Quebec. Not a fan of Quebec(sorry hahaha) but it's french so a bit easier for me..
    Ah same thing here, except it's the english speaking people that react to the french ones.

    Have you always lived in Montreal?
    Ah so you study in french ! :p

    In NB our school district make us learn english untill grade 11, but the english district only has to learn french for the first years of school. No wonder so many french are biillingual. Still, there's many anglophones that said they don'T have they full rights. LOL.
    I can understand well, I write okay-ish, but when I speak... well I can't speak XD There's many words I can't say. I can't do the letter "R" :o (I have a hard time to say this sound in french too).

    I had to move our to study, but now that I only have classes one day per week, I so travel from home, which is like 3 hours of drive. It's cheaper to travel back and forth than pay an appartment. I would love to have my own place again, but I'll be honnest the $$ situation is better now that I don'T pay rent, food, bills, etc.

    How was your new year?
    And can I ask you if you speak english or french? Quebec is french most of the time but you said you are from Montreal so... it can be any of those languages.
    Oh trust me NB is that bad hahaha. I don't live in a town, I am 15 minutes of drive from one. Supposed to be a city I think (the term in french and English might be different) but it is very small. Nothing like Montreal haha. I do study in a bigger city, still not Montreal but yeah a nice city too. The problem is I speak french and the city is an english one. Well supposed to be billingual but..... yeah. Supposed.
    The new Mario Party is good but I would called it Toad Party haha

    Montreal is like 8 hours from here so that's not bad at all. My boyfriend is going there for the New Year actually! But they goes in a car all boys, it's not my place hehe. I am not a girl of party neither, so Montreal and New Year...
    And don't botther, there's nothing in NB haha. Well it might be a good drive if you want to see the sea and some small cities, but nothing you can't have in Quebec.
    It wasn't fun that she passed away but she was sooo weak and sick, it was kinda... a relief. She was very sick at the end.

    Which Mario Party? The one on 3DS? It's great! :3
    I've been to Montreal but not often. Maybe one or twice and not for a long period. Ever been to New-Brunswick?
    My dog was really smart indeed, sadly she passed away a few months ago. August 15th. First Christmas without her, and the cat passed away two months after her.

    Merry Chritmas hehe even if I am late, I didn't come on PC for Christmas. I ope you had some great times :3
    Haha one of each size!

    I don't like small dogs except if it's a Chihuahua :P

    My favorite breed is the Border Collie, but I won't be able to ever own one for the needs they have..

    It's out first Christmas without our dog, I won't wrap my cat gift as I won'T have any dog to unwrap it :( She did open all her presents, and the cat's too. She would wait under the tree every nights, untill we open the presents. At the 24th, she knew. She knew she would open her presents hehe. She never touched it before it was the right time! Animals are wonderful :) I might buy a fish soon haha
    3 more dogs? You'll have how many dogs then?

    I like dogs but not everyone of them. My next dog will probably be a Cocker.

    Cats are evil I know :o That's why they are so awesome hahaha
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