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Captain Gizmo
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  • Ty ty ^^
    And I suppose pokemiles can be considered a loop hole :P so enjoy the loop hole xD
    Awwwwh dogs <3 I volunteer in an animal shelter and I want to take them all home! <3 (mostly cats, but hey dogs are great too)
    Ahhh yeah I see. I feel the same with my cat (who has separation anxiety)

    The place might be close, and it's a long story but I am supposed to meet someone and if the weather is bad they'll probably won't make it. And we are supposed to have many cm of snow. that's great tho
    Because of your dog? are you allright?

    It's snowing a lot right now and we'll have a snow storm tonight or tomorrow morning. I like it, but sad because I had some apppointments and I don't know if I will still be able to go... It's not the end of the world if I can't, but I wish I could..
    hehe I was at Uni, which is not in the same city as I live. My cat is at my parent's house (were I live now) so she was fine :) It's just been 2 weeks I was away hehe, but I am back home now, finally in my things, yay.

    So did your snow stays ? Here we don't have that much left... still, we don't have any grass showing but it won't be long before it does...
    Mandatory Pokemon override the Era Rules & Banned Types. So you can use your Tyrunt since it's a fossil Pokemon, regardless of its typing ;)

    And yeah xD I got married since the last time we talked :P
    ORAS does has some great features, I agree! But... it didn't appeal me neither :/ I did finish the game but I rushed it at the end, I wanted the move tutor or I don't remember who, and it was post-game only.

    It's been two weeks since I am not at home, and tomorrow I'll go back, I cna't wait! I wonder if there is a lot of snow there too! The temperature is colder usually so I guess we have more snow than here. Hurh I miss my cat >.<
    Silver, Gold and crystal are my favorite games :3 I do like the remakes but... it's not like the original. There isn't any remake that beat the original for me.

    The snow is kinda melting some places :( it's still white but less pretty hehe.
    Ooohhhh I see the run is on Diamond! Gen4 is the one I played less. I love the Pokemon in this generation, but the game... it is my least favorite I think. It's not that I don't like it, but it's the one I played less.

    I didn't saved many pictures. I have one, not bad. But I doesn't show the true beauty of the snow <3

    Om congrats for Pokerus!! This is gonna be handy in the futur!

    A blue run... only new pokemon...

    -Popplio's line
    -blue minior
    - crabominable?

    Ok ther eisn't many blue pokemon in this generation o.O

    Here, the snow is wonderful <3 you know, christmas's postal cards style!! I can't stop send pictures of the trees on snapchat hahaha ahhwwwee really, it's so beautiful and even the pictures can't show it like it is. And it's perfect, we didn't got too many snow, only what I needed.
    Oh a monocolor, cool! Which color? If I ever do one, it's gonna be my favorite color: grey <3

    I have my final project's to finish ... in two days :/ and it doesn'T go too well haha, I can't wait to end this semester, I want to play pokemon sun more! hehe. I almost did a monotype run! ghost or fire. I am so glad to have an alola Marowak that awesome <3 still not too good competitive wise but I can't wait to try! I still don't have any cubone in my game yet. I just hatched a Sandshrew from an egg someone gave me. I called it igloo haha.

    We got our first snowstorm here last night. Is "winter" started yet for you?
    Haha I spend too much time in this place XD I just find it hard to find your friendlist... I have to disconnect and connect a lot ;/

    So anything new these days?
    I heard the story is good!!

    I didn't connected my trainer ID. I talked to the woman in front of the castle and each days she gives us 3 tickets for the mini games that you can host, but if you go online and swipe left you can play the other player's mini games for «free» a.k.a no tickets,
    I play the kinda mini games hehe. You earn points and with these points you can buy stuff. I don't use these points right away because I think we will have more shops (your plaza got levels and you can upgrade it with the points you earn). I think it's the way to EV train now? and we can buy clothes and stuff later I think.

    I haven't tried the wonder trading yet... I wonder what I will get.
    not even in the first trial yet lol. I only play like one hour per night and I spend most of it in the plaza XD
    I found one Spearrow today! Haha it'S great! The Pokemon we find are not the best but it's so unusuall to start with them! This is really a big + to the game for me. I think I'll like this game!

    Where are you at in your game?
    I want Rockruff and ocorico hehe. They won't be in my main team but I will do rotations.

    I got Pichu really early. almost just outside the house lol. I think we catch great pokemon early! Or if not that great, at least Pokemon we don't catch that early in the other games. I mean, I had a smeargle and didn't saw a bug or bird yet!
    Hi! :) glad to see you!

    Well, I havent played much since I am kinda in my exams period. And when I do take the time to play I spend all my time in the Plaza hahaha.

    I do like the game for now, but I am still in the kinda tutorial stuff.
    So far my team is.. Rowlet. And Pichu for some time, I'll switch it when I find a Pokemon I want more. I didn't expected to play with Pichu, but as soon as I saw it in the thing that replace Pokemon Amie.... so cute :3

    What is your team?
    Yeah a Library haha but the stop is in the parking lot so there's nothing inside :P

    Oh you look at yuor achievements? I don't really look at that... My friends either. One of my friend completed the pokedex, but he lives in a place where there is many more Pokemon than here. Plus he did pays for the game so that helped.

    Have you seen the middle evo of the starters??
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