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  • I'm alright, just busy busy with work. I work as a case manager in a income tax preparation / law firm and each day I get another client that doesn't understand how to file their taxes omg

    How have you been! We haven't talked much lately. ;-;
    Hey Auden - a couple of years ago in my guild (Legends Never [DIE]) in Guild Wars 2 there was a player named Auden Radke. I remember he was Australian for sure and played an elementalist. He was fucking good. Anyways, our guild kinda broke apart, people quit, drama happened, etc. etc. Now, myself and a few veteran members are trying to get us back together in time for the expansion to (MAYBE) reform and make a kick-ass comeback. DIE was a very ragtag group so people never really kept in touch out-of-game, so I'm doing a lot of detective work to track down the badass fuckers that made up the guild. If you are the right Auden, the same one, PM me in game (Rain of Cyanide) or Prof Ungo.

    If not, sorry for bothering you, hope you enjoyed reading that waste of time!
    Oh, he so did. I have total faith in Kerry as head director, now. <3
    I actually watched Volume 2's finale today, again. God it's just so good all of it is so good. <3
    do you like any other rooster teeth productions?
    It really is haha. I don't know yet! I get my ATAR next monday so you could say I'm ****ting bricks haha.
    Oh nice, how was uni? Where do you work? :o;
    Oh my God, I freaking love RWBY.
    Hey dude I've been pretty good; yeah I just finished high school, as in FOR GOOD which is pretty exciting. How's life been treating you?
    Heeyy! Been really busy with life actually. Work has been kinda crazy. How've you been?
    Pshhhh you started a conversation and then abandoned it for two whole months!

    I've even good lol, just enjoying life out of home! How about your fine self?
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