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  • haha he will be like your comments are so stupid, they dont make sense. my game is the best in this forum.. then it will repeat like it does in all of his comments
    That's alright :P
    I changed my resolution, I was wondering if you could change it to be a little more compatible with 256x192 instead of 240x160.
    well if you want to, you can p.m flamemaster, he is looking for some workers, but we haven't done much progress and we aren't the best of the best so up to you i guess.
    Sup, good to hear that you will be continuing with your game... and thanks for the request, ill be supporting your game!
    I thought I posted back D: But that's okay :P Take your time I'm not really in a rush.
    I couldn't do a zip as I can't even figure out how to upload once I've registered with megaupload/mediafire
    It should be obvious by the filenames what each image is for.
    Could you animate the Pokemon at the top this time? Or are you still unsure how?
    Couple of notes
    - Could you please put arrows on the sides animated? (there should be some default essentials ones)
    - I will be having the trainer card in the Nav.
    - I'm using April Version of Essentials, less lag.
    Any fading involved, please try to optimize in speed.

    No need to rush but I would like to know once you start :3
    I can't believe how quickly Pokecommunity is logging me out D:
    Well, when you're available I'll send you over the placeholder graphics for the menu in my game and you can make it. ^^
    If you want something done in return I can try to make some sort of graphics related thing or sprite something,
    otherwise I can draw you something xD
    Ben was making me some new seaweed for underwater a minute ago and now he's dissapeared offline D:
    Oh well.
    Did you see my recent screenshots that were in the post?
    And now he's back online xD
    Sounds awesome. ^^
    Even if you could just get one thing done, like my menu.
    (I have beta graphics but not final
    I don't have the old menu script you made and Venom edited, it had bugs anyway both versions)
    If you make a public menu, you should make two versions, one dual screen one not, so that lots of people can use it :P

    I got my dive system fixed so you can't surface everywhere, and I'm working on the graphics for the dive system now :D

    It's a shame not one single person responded to my Team post here or on DA >.< Oh well.
    Back to making pretty things :D
    Hey there!
    I'm hoping at least one person will respond to my Team Recruitment post.
    *waits patiently*
    How are things?
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