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  • Hey Cartmic I know you don't know me, but I was thinking about getting a team together to write a program that allows users to edit gen1 town maps. I am looking around and asking people. I know that you had some information that was available to the public, but I didnt know if you actually wanted to help make the program.

    Kind Regards

    That's great! I'm excited for Violet. How long have you had that project?!
    And if you ever need/want help with anything, feel free to ask.
    Wow, 2008 was the last time I talked to you!
    Everything's going good. Yeah, I'm having to re-teach myself to ROM hack since it's been so long.
    And how are you? And any hacking on your end?
    Wow, that's great to hear, Cartmic! C: I'd say whatever idea you had, you can always use somewhere else. No use just trashing a good plot due to following a little canon. :] And hey, if you ever need help with sprites or anything, I'm here for you. (:
    Ouh wee, I find my old account, Mr. Magius, I'll switch back to that!
    Hello Cartmic, this is Mr. Magius/Sepia. c:
    I went away for a while and I just thought of coming back..
    Anything new?
    I remember you Cartmic!
    Hows life treating ya?
    I'm not too bad, just doing the odd job here and there ^^.
    I think I understand what you mean: disassembling can be monotonous indeed, sometimes (specially when you have to pull out tables and repetitive data...).
    About scripting, if you want, I can send you some notes reagarding it (they may look pretty Pindaric in some parts, since they're presonal notes, but should help somehow).

    Also, good luck for your moving out.
    Hey Cartmic! I saw your avatar and title, and thought I'd check out your profile, since I'm a believer too. And I saw you are an Ubuntu user! Same here!
    Wait...is it okay if I actually attach a GBC ROM? If so, then I can send the email right away.
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