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  • i bypass our network stuff at work by using an ssh tunnel, but it was a pita to set up
    looking forward to it. hopefully we don't get a repeat of ME3's ending, where casey hudson and other guy (mac walters?) shut out the entire collaborative process and stake their entire egos on their pretentious mess
    mixed, like usual
    i think i'm going to try and roleplay as a hardass who does what's best for people
    i think this will be my fourth time through but my first time playing as a vanguard
    i think i already know what i'm going to do. i'm going to take a multi-pronged approach: replay mass effect 1 in the mornings, play world of warcraft at work, start a new visual novel in the evenings, and cram in reading the index lns whenever i get a chance

    what are your suggestions, though?
    Nice. I'll have to consider that 5/1 stuff if I ever wanna control some guys. :P
    Oh yeah. I honestly use alchemy very little, except to get Thunderbolt and the purple tonic that boosts your attack and stamina. :P I occasionally use the bombs, but I've only got the flashbang ones.
    Oh, around the world? Just hearing that you've got international prospects makes me think you should go for one of them. A chance to live abroad is a great thing.

    From what I'm told, my friend didn't have any particular interest in having kids then, as she put it, it was like a switch in her head turned on one day and she really wanted kids after that. It all really sounds like a drug addiction and/or mental illness to me.
    Yeah, I've got combat, some powers, some green (idr what that tab is) and even a yellow. :)
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