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  • I've just finished moving all my accounts and passwords into a password manager, and then using a password generator to change all my account's passwords. You would think i'd just been hacked; but really I just have had an enormous feeling of anxiety in the last couple of years.

    It's taken me a really long time but today i'm in bed after encrypting the OTPs for my accounts on a drive. I finally feel at rest after what seems like a long time of unrest.

    I don't know why I got these feelings but i just felt like i needed to hide, everything we have ever done and everywhere we have ever been follows us around digitally, and no generation before us has experienced this. I can't help but feel like this isn't worth the progression we make with the amazing technology we produce, as much as I enjoy and myself produce and work with new technologies, I just feel like i want to live in the woods some times.

    Didn't really have anywhere else to post this/anyone to listen to me so i'm posting it here.

    None the less, this is a good thing and i feel a great weight off of my shoulders. I want to make sure my personal life is secure, so i can go about the rest of my life feeling a little more secure in myself.
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