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  • Hey, I've added your fic "Coltar - The Prophecy" to the Library, as per a request that was pending for a while.
    Oh hey!
    Sorry for this ridiculously long wait man.
    I just got back to the forum from a really long hiatus (some password issues too)
    If you still need someone, I would be glad to help, but it would be better to contact me on Discord (I'm pretty active there): Eldaryon#9666
    Again, sorry for the -very long- wait.
    Hey, my Friend code is 3368-4407-2271 I'll be happy to trade and battle with you! I have all the 3ds pokemon games, right now making a team on pokemon y
    Oh, don't worry about the loss.

    Since It random so Lucky is important one here.I was unprepared when I do the battle.Plus I have Headache.

    Anyway Sunday I'll Active at 10 AM until 8 PM
    @kitty @ KNS27 I will be battling From Sunday as 1) I am working tomorrow and Saturday, and 2) I would like some time to prepare. :)

    What's time you can do some Random Battles for Get-Together?

    Anyway I'm GMT +7
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