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  • When do you wanna battle? I'm fine with anything aside from morning to early afternoon on Monday (GMT -5). Monday might be the best time, so we'll have a day left over if something happens.
    sorry for the late message about this but we are set to battle for the alola tournament. what are some good times for you?
    Yo, just messaging you to see if you have a version of your Mega Arcanine with a transparent background available.
    Hey friend, I'm not doing so well health wise, you mind if our art battle can get a little extension?
    Yeah Najarala is awesome! Such a great design.

    Oh wow so you've been playing for a while then! I'm new to Monster Hunter in general. 4 Ultimate is my first game and I only started it about a month or two ago - but, you know, 300 hours later and I swear I've fallen in absolute love with it.

    MHX is going to be great. I'm really excited about the Aerial style, especially with the Dual Blades. Looks so badass, haha. B)
    Indeed I am! I just pre-ordered it today, in fact! :)

    Ah, any Rathian is a favorite of mine, so the more the merrier! I'm just a sucker for pink in general, haha. Though the Dreadqueen variant looks like a gorgeous terror, and I'm sure it'll rank as one of my personal favorites once I get the chance to slay her myself. ;)

    What about you - you getting MHX too? How long have you been playing the series?
    This avatar you made me looks so scrumptious. I almost want to make burgers from it but I could never eat Her Majesty.
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