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    You mentioned having save files of ROM Hacks, can you give them to me?
    yeah I'll concede that one /mu/ does have some pretty helpful charts especially when you're first getting into the stuff. also u should friend me on rym (;
    also sorry for not responding to your last VM, I have no idea what went wrong there. /mu/ is a shithole imo so I tend to avoid it as much as possible. never got too into it -- the amount of misogyny/neckbeardedness going on there really is repulsive to me. but more power to you if you dig it! I've seen some decent discussions there, anyway, even though I've never really posted there. Kid A is by far my favorite Radiohead album -- I love how icy it is while still maintaining an emotional punch. it's incredible to drive around to late at night.

    'Creep' is not a great song in my opinion: Radiohead did way better, and I've never really dug their straight-up alt-rock stuff either (I don't even like The Bends that much, comparatively). In Rainbows is also a golden album, really.

    still haven't gotten around to Title Fight even though I almost saw them live a couple months ago (woulda been going in blind just because The Hotelier was opening and I'm pretty sure La Dispute was playing there too). from what I've heard TF got super shoegaze-y with their newer one (think I've heard a track off of it) which is admirable. but most shoegaze nowadays sounds super derivative.

    TTNG is great. '26 Is Dancer than 4' is an all-time fantastic emo song. never could get into their proper studio albums though, the self-titled comp is more my speed
    I like the female MC in Persona 3 Portable tbh ^^ And who wouldn't wanna be as rich and smart as Mitsuru ^^
    American Football is awesome, as is Interpol, The Strokes (kind of, at least Is This It is), TTNG, Title Fight I still need to check out, and Radiohead and MBV are awesome too. I got into music a maybe three years ago. that first year of being really into music is just so much fun. it feels like the new stuff to find is just totally endless. fuck. that was a cool time. what Radiohead stuff do you like best?
    Top Black Keys songs:
    Black Mud
    She's Long Gone
    Little Black Submarines
    Lonely Boy
    Howlin' For You

    In no particular order! Maybe that's because ESPN spammed it during their 2012-13 college basketball broadcasts. But Howlin' For You and Lonely Boy were and are used in commercials and stuff.

    I'm not the biggest fan so don't feel bad!
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