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  • Also, your last post before disappearing said "CK will reply in full when he has proper rest".

    It certainly took a while XD
    Welcome back to PC, I may not have actually known you personally, but like most others I had heard of you. Hopefully you stay around and then others can return too and then PC can be back to how it was in 2006! :D
    We got them right when I got modded, making me the last staffer to fully enjoy the Usernote nonsense XD That was like... over 3 years ago, I think XD

    And you are the guy who is known as a great smod who suddenly disappeared, making your legend even more legendary, if that makes sense. I'm gald to see everything worked out in the end, and I'm glad to see you came back to tell the tale.
    I joined in early 2007, but it's impossible to be a Smod and not have heard about you, specially with Geoff/Morkula around.

    (Also, since you are... "new" to this system, to properly reply to someone's Visitor Messages, click on "View Conversation" and reply there or directly in that person's profile, so they'll be notified about it).
    Holy Jesus Christ.

    Why are all the legendary ex-staffers coming back this year of a sudden XD
    I miss you... If you ever come back I guess you'll see this then. <=) Not that it's likely that you will...
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