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  • Aww, hereto : c
    Sad as it makes me I do understand how college and life can be. I can't believe it's been well over three years already! Time sure flies fast, huh. I still remember the first joint post we made, and the first time we had BROtad kick some butt, fun times, fun times indeed.

    I may not be particularly active anymore, but, I do hope you can eventually find the time to return, I'll make sure to lurk back from time to time on PC. I'll see you when I see you friend, and hopefully we can catch up for old time's sake~

    I wish you the best in all your future endeavors, and while I do promise to stay dandy as ever, you need to remember always to be the dandiest, pal.
    Of course, I'll take your word on that! See you in a future not too far from now!
    Got it bro! I'll be sure to do what I can for you. Good luck, and see you when I see you!
    It's sad to hear you'll be leaving :c I truly hope you'll get back someday...

    I'll be here for you and all the others if you and them happen to return. I'll be waiting for all of you here.

    Until we meet again, Let's make it a challange!
    Aww that sucks man. I really wish you all the best in the life and I hope we'll talk again soon! Goodbye bro!
    Daww... I'm going to miss you dude. I hope things improve for you, and maybe just maybe we'll still be around next time you decide to pop in and say hi~
    Thanks for the message! Have fun with your endeavours outside of PC and hurry back as soon as you have the time. :)
    Sad to see you go, man, but life comes first, and we can't get in the way of that.

    At the very least, I'm glad to see how far you've come. Your writing has gotten so much better over the years and it's always had so much personality. Even if you're leaving PC, don't stop writing. You owe yourself at least that much.
    Nah, I have neither the time or the motivation to do so right now. Maybe at a later date :)
    Just thought I'd keep you informed because I sometimes forget you're not on Skype :p

    So that JP is done and posted. I have another post up about what happened back in the Sons of Arceus territory for the 6 days we'll be gone (the road to the Altar is three days one way and the same back).

    Also, we've started a few separate JPs for the road back. If you feel like making a JP with anyone, feel free to include it into the main pad as well! It's not required, but a few are doing it. When we're ready, we'll timeskip to Reverence for the final part in Anatellia!
    Come over to the pad whenever you get a chance! We could use your input on whether or not to hire out the mercenary James.
    Well, according to what the Gambler said, one pathway had info on the mega stones, and the others would have enemies. So expect a strong Agent to fight most likely!
    I set up a pad for you and seph in the main pad thread! When you're ready, join us in the fourth pathway!
    Oh, that! Yeah, it's a oretty awesome idea. I'm not GM material though, so it's probably not gonna happen unless someone else picks it up :P
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