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  • Just a heads up we started on the next pad! We're doing a timeskip, so it's in the same pad, but a different name, "The Altar of the Divines"
    Heya! Just checking in. Are you still planning on doing a single post and then jumping into our JP? Because you can go either way. Either start with a single, or just go straight into our JP and ask for Guardia at the bottom to relay the news.
    Well, if you want to start things on your side, maybe you could have Gary take notice of the hype that Clay's trying to put in his Pokémon, or something along those likes. If you think that it might start better from my side, I could have Glide start looking for a battle or I can have Shadow pull one of her pranks. I'll leave it up to you for who actually starts the battle, since the both of them seem to like a challenge.
    Sure! That'll be a great was to pass the time while we wait for everyone else to register and move on with the tournament.
    The post is done! Read up on what's happened, and if you like, join in with a single post, maybe asking a Son of Arceus to take you to the group. Then you can join in on our JPs! We have pads we use, so I'll PM you the main one where we keep all the other ones at. It'll be the first one. Just remember to mention that you're bringing news to the group from Valkaria, that General Riken has fallen and Warren is the last one alive. The situation has become more dire, with Albia now under heavy pressure to fall as well.
    Hey there! How's it going? Still interested in coming back to Odyssey? If so, your time's almost here. We're just finishing up some stuff, then I'm going to have you bring in your guy.
    Not to worry~ Things happen! Glad to have you back, earnestly. You arrived at a pretty decent time because a major joint post just ended.
    Meep... I'm honestly just heartbroken. Between Monty Oum dying earlier this year, and now Iwata, I don't know how much my heart can take.
    Eerrrr, the way wild pokemon work has been revamped since the start of the RP. There's more of a list of pokemon you can't catch than a list of ones you can.
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