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  • It's nothing too complicated, but only available in gen 3, which not a lot of people know RNG on.

    Anyway, with the new Mega Kangaskhan, there's the awesome usage of Seismic Toss with it's ability, Parental Bond. If you are up to it, I'd really like a 31/31/31/X/31/31 Kangaskhan with Seismic Toss. If you're up to doing more than one, Adamant and Jolly. Otherwise just Jolly is fine.
    It's been good man, same stuff keeping us both pretty busy XD Bank should be out pretty soon tbh, they did a 6 hour maintenence yesterday so i hoping that's a good sign.
    Yeah, I just looked heh. I wanted to have some people to talk to on here, missed this place quite a bit.
    I've already got a quint flawless, and a few friends of mine have hex flawless XD

    Postgame it's actually very easy to get flawless mons.
    DUDE. That Mewtwo you traded me when you were doing that giveaway.. Going to get SO much use when I can transfer it over to X/Y!

    Pretty sure I got a Modest one. Fully train it in SpA/Spe and use Mega Mewtwo Y. Will demolish ANYTHING that tries to stand in it's way.
    Yeah I hit 123D more than 123C on my Black so I should switch to that XD

    I have one more Giratina to do, just have to wait until my GF gets to a Pokemon Center without moving NPCs :p

    I'm gonna camp out at Gamestop Friday night i think. Just sleep in my truck XD
    5th Gen is real easy. I'm still having a hard time hitting the timer0 consistantly for my Black, but I just need to recalibrate it. 4th Gen doesn't seem very bad, will just have to worry about delay.
    I do it every now and then, don't feel bad :p

    I finally learned how to RNG on 5th Gen! XD gonna try and learn 4th Gen soon.
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