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Charlie Brown
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  • maybe we could could eventually get press tickets to games

    that would be the dream
    oh hey, I thought I'd let you know that I brought up your suggestion in the Staff Feedback thread the other day in the Staff Hub

    we'll see how it goes
    dayvan cowboy :)

    it means like "road warrior" ie. dude that drives in his van all day

    Jokes aside, I suppose it's nice having people you know in the same timezone, especially since Australians seem to be so few and far inbetween. Hopefully I'll see you around!
    At least 2 or 3 Weetbix a day, like a true Blue.

    I live in Adelaide, so basically, in the middle of nowhere. Yourself?
    You bet! I like to pet my kangaroo in my backyard and pray to our Lord and Saviour, Red-Back Spider, every morning and evening (how many more stereotypes do you think I could fit in here to prove I'm not a lizard?)
    THE PEN EPISODE. The bottle episode. Where Annie's pen gets stolen, and they spend the entire episode in the study room trying to find it. Also there's a puppy parade.
    my favorite episodes in no order:
    1. the pen one
    2. the glee parody
    3. the split timeline one

    also the pillow fort two-parter is gold
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