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  • if it helps, i can notate another asm routine to the best of my ability for you. just shoot me a vm and i'll try my best (i can't actually check out the game's routines because i'm in a car with an ipad and can't access anything to be honest)
    ldr command loads a pointer from given address. If you want to copy a value from one register to another use:
    move rX, rY @where X,Y are register numbers
    You're using the ldr command wrong.
    ROM - 0x08000000 - 0x09FFFFFF
    (W)RAM - 0x02000000 - 0x203FFFF
    (I)RAM - 0x03000000 - 0x03007FFF
    What do you mean 'spot a RAM pointer'?
    Also could you write code instead of labels such as 'shift' or 'divide'? It could help with the readability. You can still and should comment the code out.
    Take a look at 0x0806C1A4. It's a part of the scripting function 'checkmoney' that does what you're trying to do.
    Actually money is stored in a word, so you won't be able to put the whole value in a var.
    The location of it is dynamic meaning it occasionally changes.
    What rom are you using? FR or EM?
    Thanks. You can create and insert new maps with advancemap. It is the first thing that is explained in the advancemap tutorial.


    The only reason I asked is that I thought it would be less buggy inserting new maps rather editing old ones.
    Also, when trying to use rival name in script. In xse I use the text adjuster and it wont allow me to use these [ ]. I suppose I could enter anything with the same amount of digits and then edit after using text adjuster. I was just hoping that someone new the rival version of \v\h01 and if there is anymore that I don't know about.
    I don't know about it, sorry. I have yet to get there with my ROM hack and am developing other sorts of programs that don't involve graphics.
    My internet is very slow at the moment, so I can't check, but I can tell you that if you check a scripting tutorial, it will be in the flags.
    Bro nakita ko tanung mo kay Djg kung gustu mo maactivate ung national dex gawa ka ng script na aactivate and special na to:
    special 0x16F - Activate National Dex (FR/LG)
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