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  • So do I. xP

    Sounds like fun! I remember writing a fanfic of my Black team. Admittedly my Black team is horrible (3 of my Pokémon were weak to Flying), but I still enjoyed using them regardless.
    Thought it'll be nice to drop by and say hello. :3

    How have you been lately? Are you doing anything exciting on ORAS?
    Yeah, I'm just not around as much, and we never really talked either. All I know is that you love Chikoritas and omg it's my all time favorite starter <3
    Thanks! Discord is the best character in MLP IMO.

    Chikorita is such an underrated Pokemon.
    omg! It's so nice to see someone from there...over here! I remembered you because you once added me as a friend there and you seemed like a pretty cool guy. I'm Starflower on there, my activity sucks on but I'm working on rebuilding and such haha. How's PC treating ya so far?
    omg...that image you posted on the MLP fan club and I've seen it somewhere. Do you happen to be Caroling Chikorita from MLP Forums? :o
    I still actively play Super Mario Sunshine. I don't stop until I've completely beaten the game along with obtaining the extra sprites.

    The last Kirby game I played was Kirby Starship - I think that's what it was called? I used to play SSB all the time when I was younger but now my youngest brother plays them.
    Hi! Thank you for the friend request!
    Just from reading your "about me" section, I think you and I are going to get along just fine! I absolutely love MLP! Applejack is my love. <3

    What kind of Nintendo games do you play? I'm a huge Nintendo fan myself - always have been, always will be. One of my all time favorite games is Super Mario Sunshine! That's one game I could literally play over and over again - and for hours on end at a time.

    Do you have a link to your blog? I'd love to read what you write. Reading/writing is one of my favorite things to do.

    Last but not least... I love Chikorita and I agree he is certainly underrated as a starterpokémon.This is how I feel about Ponyta/Rapidash. I feel as if they're extremely underrated.A mega-evolution form of Rapidash is much needed!
    No problem! And I do admit Chikorita is adorable, and like you mentioned somewhere it's extremely underrated. I tend to like cute Pokemon myself so I can tell why.
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