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Chimchar 9
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  • Hi Kyle! How are you doing? Almost feels like an eternity since we last talked 🤣 How's life?
    Hoping to reconnect with you and others. Add me on discord: ragequitpenguin
    Take care always~
    Man I can barely get on anymore. Trying to find time to work on my gameboy and Ds games that I have been programming from scratch. I only really come on here to talk with you guys and see what tools they have made now. It seems pokemon hacking has gone by the wayside.
    I feel like I am slowly dying on the pokecommunity forum, but I want to get back into it. I am working on custom homebrew games for gameboy, nds, wii, and others. I still have my hacks that I have worked on, but finding the time to work on them is just hard. I mainly stick around the forum to talk with people who helped me in the past, like you.
    Me? Living a good life? Far from it, unfortunately. But I can get by, which is good, I suppose.

    Anyway, it's nice to hear that you're doing good. :3 So what's new?
    so... are we going to be chatting yearly now? :D
    anyway, hai thar~! i'm fine. still the same old lazy and sleepy me!
    and how about you?
    Why did you quit pokemon sunset. It looks so cool chimchar9. A lot of your old projects do for that matter. Do you even still have them. It would be a real shame if you lost all of them :(
    Yeah, me too. The places I'm more active on are Facebook, Skype and here on the forums, but I'm most active on Facebook and Skype. And thanks, I've been catching up with my coursework, I know I got some finished today. :)
    Oh! Great to see you were on. It is disappointing to hear that you dont have an email anymore, but I am glad to hear everything is going well. If you ever get another email send me a message at [email protected] . I dont know anything really, but I am doing well at hacking pokemon emerald. I havent put the game that I am working on up anywhere yet though. I am having trouble with the tiles as always, but besides that everything is going well.
    Hey Kyle, it's alright... I understand how busy you are in reality, I had such a great holiday and I've been good. We had all of our brothers and sisters come down for a bit during the holidays. I would never forget about you or any of my friends online. Your message sure did bring a smile to my face. It's really good to see you come back every now and again to see how we're all doing. And we're doing well. :)

    This year, I'll be doing more of the parts of the Advanced Diploma in Computer Systems Technology course, last year I was only doing the Networking part of the course. This year, I should be able to do the Server part and many other parts of the course. ^^
    why boring? because that's how i roll. deal with it. *puts on shades*
    and yeah, i read it. that's why I didn't ask the usual [how have you been?] or [where the heck have u been all this time?! >:/ ] questions. :/

    Hope things start to brighten in your life. :3
    if you come by to see where i am & why i'm inactive is because everything in my life has gone down hill, i'm currently going through depression, & tried suicide a couple of times but obviously failed. i'm trying to get my real self back & get my life back on track. to all my friends wondering where i've been well heres a little message. i miss you all so much & this place too. thank you for being a part of my life & i hope one day i'll become more active again. (:
    Same here. I'm on today but apparently haven't been on since November o_O. I really need to find time to be active more!
    I'm liking the fact that it's probably going to be a separate PKMN. I sure hope that it will occifially be a separate PKMN and not a new forme of Mewtwo. :3

    Mewthree. Heh.
    The way I see it, maybe the Genesect got some DNA samples of Mewtwo and created their own version of him?

    Anyway, I am not sure about Macs though. I don't have a Mac myself, so I couldn't be sure if the tools would work.

    Me? Well, I am currently at work, and I am bored to the bone. Zzz...
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