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Chris Makise
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  • Hi there Ansi! surprised you sent me a message. i rarely come online but yea i still visit helloworld rarely too. so if you wanna talk about something just message me here.
    Working on some video projects for the event, and I should make it perfect, that I was having hiatus from being on Battle Servers for a while.
    You're only 13? I expected you to be slightly older, heh. Death Note was one of my earliest anime too and I'm a fan. :D And, like I said, I might not be a big fan of the series but I'm still gonna be watching SnK 2 when it releases later next year. We can both discuss it together, then. :p

    And yeah, yeah, definitely. A BIG OPM fan. Love the show <3; Really looking forward to the last two episodes. Its gonna be great if Madhouse keeps up their current track record with the anime :DD
    It's pretty hard to change yourself to any serious extent yeah, gotta learn to deal with it. My dad cares so little it's almost annoying. x'D
    Lots indeed! and ty so much, means a lot <3 Especially for someone like me who tends to be super sensitive and a bit paranoid lool.
    Just a receptionist at a mortgage firm atm. I hope to get a job at the city colleges here in NY, just passed my certification a few days ago with a 92.8 so I'm in the group they'll look first at for hiring. :D so there's that to look forward to ~
    I always tried, but he never listened to me. Anyways, onto PC I am planning to try and enter a new role in time for the new year but it'll be a surprise.
    I'm sadly the opposite, I'm the elder sister who lives in fear. He always acts like a dictator and give me a hard time.
    He started off so innocent but then after he dropped out of high school (he would have been in Year 12 this year) he pretty much declined into a woman-hater. I blame the fact his high school was a boys-only school and as a result he hasn't had much female influence.
    Unfortunately I have been feeling angry right now because my brother has been stealing from me. Hate him because he's been such a bad bully towards me.
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