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  • Cici! My girl, it's exciting to see you back on the forum. I'm creeping along. How is Caesar, hubby and your furry family? I bet you have made some fabulous art in the meantine. I think you have been well-missed by many judging by the warm birthday reception you garnered in absentia.


    My Prince is old and limps a little when he walks, sleeps more but is as gentle and beautiful as ever. It's an incredible blessing to have him with us. This winter a spunky, smart and sweet Pitbull joined the family. I call her Valkyrie. There she is.

    Yeah he should've participated in it,I consider him to be the most competitive trainer in the entire series.Hopefully it's revealed that he either became a Frontier Brain or lost in the lower rankings of the PWC to a formidable opponent.
    Hey there lovely, sorry I'm late. Did you miss me? I have noticed creative new flairs and profile touches from a favorite artist of mine ;) You're looking stylish and edgy! Love it.

    I'm glad to hear that things seem to be moving in a positive direction through your work and self-discovery, even though there have been challenges, it sounds like you and your new family will be have a good life together, and am truly happy for all three of you, and your four-legged family members, of course! You all deserve something nice. Caesar sounds like a joy. I like the name you have given him too. It's the name of a force to be reckoned with!

    That's really cool that Apollo and Hades are going to a dog school, where they can really shine, and I'm glad to hear about the monetary windfall. My mom and I always thought that Prince could have been a good dog to work with people who have disabilities, when he was younger, especially children because he has a patient temperament, and Pyrenean Mountain dogs naturally are nuturing and accustomed to watching over and guiding herds of smaller weaker animals, and helping people as working dogs. They are adaptable, intelligent, and sensitive to non-verbal communication

    My pup is doing pretty well for a senior. A little arthritis, that seems under control with medicine from the vet, but he still likes to walk daily, and sit in the park, relax in the backyard in the shade of the trees, play with his cat companions, eat treats, get petted and snuggle for a movie night, had a hearty appetite. He seems to be comfortable and happy, living a solid quality, and I am grateful that he is here.

    When you want your Skiddo, hit me up, here or on discord, we'll work out that time! Your goat wants to be with it's mom :)

    Things are going in an interesting direction. I had been getting lazy on the doll-making, but am about to make up for lost time. Last week I got my largest at a time commission ever, a couple wants to buy twenty dolls from me. I am proud to sell one. I am excited to get to work on these girls!

    I am really happy that I made the decision to go vegan. I think doing so was one of the best things I ever did for my health and well-being physically and mentally, and know that I am doing my part for the environment and to treat my fellow inhabitants of this earth with respect and empathy. I love animals, and have grown wise enough to know that true love isn't selfish, and you can't care for another, then knowingly cause their suffering or end their lives to make products out of them to suit our whims of taste or fashion. We nurture, help and protect what we love, and you don't buy and sell those you care about, that's called exploitation. I am so glad that I opened my eyes to what I was doing.

    I think I am making progress with my mom. My goal was to have my lifestyle respected, and I think that's happening. She does not ask me any longer to buy certain products like chicken or fish for her. She did at first, and when I objected, she said things like, "It's not for you, it's for me. I'm not vegan." I have said that I'm not comfortable giving my money to those industries anymore a few times that I think it is starting to stick, despite her initial disappointment that I wasn't going to keep buying things. She will buy what she wants, but I don't want to be the go-between on this. I feel like she is empathizing more and more with my concerns.

    Sometimes she does still ask for things like eggs, milk or honey because she genuinely has trouble remembering the difference between veganism and vegetarianism I think. She means well, It's just different than the life she is accustomed to, and it takes time for people to adjust to changes around them. I will say something like, "Sorry, I'm not allowed to buy that." She'll be like, "Oh, that's right. I remember." She asked if I could get creamer for her coffee the other day, and said that she didn't mind if it's almond milk.

    I thought this was very positive. Sometimes she even buys things for me like brands that she recognizes I shop, that are vegan. Some of the food labels she enjoys herself actually, when she gives it a try. So definitely I think I have gotten tolerance.

    Yes, spring has sprung, the plum trees bloomed last month, and it's getting pretty! Daffodils have come up in the back yard, camelia bushes and azaleas in the front, and I can't wait for the summer roses!! Tell me, what are you most looking forward to? I Just ordered the garden herb mitsuba to plant. I have never tried it before, but there's a first time for everything <3
    Hello there lovely CiCi,

    I'm doing about 50/50, feeling better seeing you here though! You're profile is looking gorgeous, no surprise there from an artist like yourself though. How have you been faring? How's your Caesar, Hubby and all the furry members of your family? I still got that shiny Skiddo as my belated present to you, if you'd like it. Stay awesome girl <3

    Happy birthday CiCi!! I remember that your big day has arrived, and all the puppy pokémon have come to celebrate with you, Apollo and Hades.

    I baked you a vegan cake, but Yamper ate it...


    Fortunately I kept a few sweets hidden for you!



    All wonderful things your way!!!
    Oh my goodness, I'm so, so sorry CiCi to hear about Briggs! Seemed like a such a sweet one, and things seem to be getting a little better when I read that he was eatting chicken, and putting some weight back on. This is heart-breaking. I see how much you love your boy, and all that you went through to keep him alive and well until it was no longer possible to give him the quality of life he deserved, and you gave him as a peaceful send off. How you must be hurting now.

    My Cinnamon Shepherd was euthanized. He had a rectal prolapse, but because he was already an old dog 13+ years they did not believe they could successfully perform the surgery. When the doctors examined him to see if they could help him he started bleeding from the nose, which alerted them that more was wrong. In a follow up procedure they saw what they were 90% sure were cancerous lymph nodes on his neck during the exam, and he was rapidly degenerating to the point that he couldn't walk. He still had the prolapse on him, and if something wasn't done it would turn into gangrene, but he would probably die on the operating table if they tried, and even if he came through he was still dying of cancer and clearly weak and constant pain, couldn't move, so rather than try to prolong the suffering with invasive surgery the kindest thing we were told to do was euthanasia. It was very hard, I wanted whatever was best for him though. I don't like to talk about that, but you are someone I wanted to open up about to let you know that I have had something similar happen to my family. I respect what you did CiCi, and it sounds like he's not going to suffer anymore. I am sending you a hug and love and support my friend. I'm thinking about you and Briggs today, he was a special dog and I'm glad you found each other.

    I'm sorry also to hear about the loss of your grandmother this year. I remember last we spoke on discord that you were worried she might go back to the hospital again, and I am sad to hear that this was the case. My cousin died around the same time this winter his heart gave out, and it killed some of my motivation to do things for a while, but I'm feeling better now, and I still have survived a lot these last few months. My mother came through a spinal surgery for a herniated neck disk around the holidays, and that was likely the event I was talking about from last I messaged you on discord. She was disabled from a car wreck when I was kid, and has always had some issues related to that accident, but this surgery was really helpful. She walks, drives, gardens, and is healing up very nicely. My dad had some heart surgery last autumn he still is dealing with arthymia but he's spry and happy, and just retired this summer and enjoying this new phase of life and feeling well enough to travel. I still have my beloved Prince of the Pyrenees, and am in good health myself, getting my covid vaccine tomorrow. I see myself as overall blessed and very fortunate.

    You too have a lot of love around you with family, a new baby coming, your marriage and I am see many good on the horizon. Keeping you close in my thoughts and prayers
    twas the logic from the Cyber Dragon user in the anime himself

    at the very least its a rare occurance here and its summer soon which means heat for days
    Hi there CiCi! It's wonderful to see my favorite artist back on the forum. I have missed your voice. I meant to respond to your discord messages--i have fallen behind on those, gomen na sai. I know that you have a lot happening in your life, your marriage and expecting a little stranger on the way. I am very happy for you. How is your grandmother,? I remember that she was not well last we spoke, and I hope that she is doing better, and wishing your dear dog Briggs good health too.

    I remember that I still have Evergreen in my PC waiting for you, and I'm looking forward to brightening your day, and making that trade some time. Thanks for your message, it's been a bumpy ride but your kind words have cheered me up. It's great to see you! Love the elegant script by the way.


    P.S I'm still standing strong and keeping to the vegan diet, and have discovered some nice sanctuaries to donate to that rescue farm animals, and let them live out their lives in peace. They seemed like your type of scene my fellow animal lover.
    as a wise man once said "ill go out on my own terms" therefor i lose to my own monsters to prove how good they are.

    id have liked snow more if it actually lead to some things closing, but that never happened so screw snow
    I mean it does give you that signature look of superiority to crash into all their monsters with a massive cybernetic dragon yes

    snow can die, it's hindering me from going anywhere outside the house, it is everywhere, it melts and makes everything soaked... hellspawns from the devil itself
    Well they made new support so i gave them my money, my life savings and my left leg just to go in full power.

    Oh i hate the cold personally. It was so bad, it was snowing in April.... APRIL of all months.
    I'm going to be replying to your Discord message soon. Our replies are getting lengthier!

    I just wanted to inform you of the good news I am no longer eatting eggs, as soon as I understood that the practice of culling was so ubiquitous in chicken farming, I fired off an order for some vegan egg substitutions. You'll be proud of me! I guess I am graduating from vegetarianism and onto the next phase of enlightenment.

    Speaking of eggs, you might not see this message, so I'll make sure in my Discord reply I ask there too, but is there a particular nature you would like me to breed on Gogoat/Skiddo?

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