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  • thank you!! I am at like 208 now, slowlyyyy getting there... and slowly finishing the requests I left pile up omg
    Trying to finish the dex slowly :3 Still have like 40 to catch but many of them I can get pretty quickly through evo items and stuff, so I'll get to them soon. Gonna have to find that new genie too.. and it looks so weird lol
    Yes!! It's so good ~ did you finish the story yet? What are you doing in it now? :O
    I'm ok, been having fun playing Legends :3 how about you? I think you're playing also??!
    hey look at me, i sent you that message and then never logged in again for a year lmao
    aa that seems scary .... it's not much but I'll be thinking of everyone there ;.;
    Yep, even I was cautious at first, that I'm surprised that I liked the game when I played it.
    To be fair, my worries of Sword/Shield has NO relation to Dexit in the first place...

    And I'll keep an eye on the Expansion Pass as well.
    Thanks, Cid, and glad to see that you're doing well. c:
    On other note, I find myself enjoying Pokémon Sword these days, even though I'm on a break for a while after playing for quite long. Btw, did you get Sword/Shield yet, Cid?
    Thanks :3

    Alrighty - take your time and get the stuff you need to get done sorted first! Either PM/VM or Discord is fine - Discord is better for real-time conversation and I'm always on there when I'm at home and not asleep, but we can use whatever you're most comfortable with~
    Glad to see you back. :)
    Wow it's been so long ( Fuck more than 7 years? I can't believe that at all.)
    Missed you too. <3
    Ah yes, I played DQ8 on the 3DS a while back. That was quite the slog. But yes DQ11 will take a while on top of SWSH coming out next week
    It's not something I can say I love to do, but I also don't hate it so until I can really figure out what I want to work towards it will do. And yeah there is a degree of stability which is nice.

    Getting back into breeding has been cool, though trading has been mega slow becuase it's at the tail end of a Gen but SwSh will make it better. I wonder how trading with Pokemon Home and all that woudl work though, since you can't transfer every single Pokemon.
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