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  • Ultimately always keep in mind that there isn't shame in quitting if it really isn't for you.

    It isn't playable online anymore >.> I ended up getting new in case it's uh, also unplayable <.<

    Going to rewrite the stuff in my trade shop and get back into the swing of things.
    Do you have a goal you're shooting for? I went to community college and then realized I had no idea what I wanted to really do and never transferred to a 4 year.

    I need to replace my 3DS first to prep for any migration of my Pokemon. Kind of excited now actually :B
    Working as an accountant at a tiny office so I'm like at the bottom, but I don't hate my job so that works out just fine.

    How's graduate school?

    Been thinking about getting back into trading again which is rough because I can't remember diddly squat about breeding lol x.x
    Yo, how have you been? Assuming you remember me at all haha.

    It was a pleasant surprise for me to see you were back.
    You're gonna give me diabetes you big sweetie!! (´▽`ʃƪ)♡

    Thank you.
    I was getting a scooter game called Crayola Scoot, which was on a massive discount that time, plus I've been keeping an eye on it for quite long now. I enjoyed it c: And it's okay, Cid.
    It's been fine, was having a nice stroll recently. And yesterday I bought a game for my Switch, as well.
    Hey, I just checked and you're being a mod again? This reminds me of good old times, that's for sure c:
    And congrats! Albeit tad bit late by now.
    Same old, though I signed up for OT so I'm working 60 hour weeks lmao. Though I am on a 2 week vacation atm. Will just probably play FE:TH heh
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