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  • I'm okay. & Rhythm games are the same as usual, eating my life. How have you been?
    Been doing Alola Pokedex completion stuff in UM. Managed to finally catch all the Tapus but I'm still a few slots away from completing it.
    I know it's a reference to RBY, but I like to think it's a JoJo reference because of the muscles. :P

    The gag hasn't been used since Hoenn, I think it's a good time to bring it back.
    Brock's rock hard abs are the only thing that matters because JoJo reference.

    I'm excited for Jigglypuff's return if it means giving her more excuses to return in the next Smash Bros. game.
    After over a decade, and all we got from it was a 10-year-old girl stripping on-screen causing many hentai images to be created, leaving them bait for the FBI to arrest them. >_>
    How bad am I at replying to VMs

    Well I suppose it was quite 'cold' of me not to reply hyuk hyuk
    Ah, it's alright don't worry, and thank you

    And it's really only been a year? I thought that you'd been a part of PC for longer than that for some reason lol
    Nothing much. Working and playing entirely too many rhythm games. I watched Jojo recently, too.
    And congrats on the year!
    Also, do you think Weedle needs to change his attitude? His toxic presence in PokeAni threads has me worried, because if he keeps derailing threads he'll be only remembered for doing bad things and if you want to be remembered on this forum, you don't want it to be for the wrong reasons.
    Well, before Awakening it was a huge drought since the last time a Fire Emblem game got released outside of Japan.
    It's all because the Sun & Moon series has dug such a huge hole that it's putting the anime's reputation on the line and splitting the fans like no other. A Pokemon anime is meant to be a Pokemon anime, not try to be something different which is what SM's main flaw is.

    Next time you want to mention ratings or anything like that or how SM is doing better, try VMing me so I can discuss it without risk of causing problems on the thread.
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