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  • Crap, I don't know where I've placed them... I'm pretty sure they're on the D&D download, if they're not, I'll look for them! Can you check?
    No, you can use any of the preset tilesets, (I'm thinking Celadon Cities) and then afterwards, I'll go in and find out what I want to change on the Tileset or add to it. (Like a Tyranitar Statue I have been working on).
    Oh, and I sent the rom to you!
    I have nothing done yet. /: I wanted to get a team together and discuss everything first...
    I'm going to send you the rom we're going to use. and you can just start mapping a very big hometown. Remember, you're going to have 2 rivals, and make a good space for viewing the first battle you witness on your way to school, and then try and make it as city like as possible:)
    Let's just message here, its easier and faster.
    What do you think? I think it's much flashier, and more info filled now!:)
    Its going good, i'll release a pre-alpha tomorow or on the 5th! Are you a gba Scripter?
    Unfortunately your thread has not been approved. You need a sizable introduction in order for it to advance.

    Also, in the future can you wait 24 hours after submitting before asking about the status of you thread? Thanks :)
    All I can say is I struggled to learn scripting through tutorials and, rather, learned it through practice. I'd advise you to just plan out what exactly you want to do with the script first and take it from there. After you set your dynamic offset etc. all you're really doing is writing out what you want to do (ie. if you want a character to talk use msgbox if you want someone to move use applymovement etc.) it's really easy when you're used to it.
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