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  • Game threads begin in the Progressing Games section, as various rules and notices state. You can only have a thread for your game if you show some evidence that the game is actually being created (i.e. is further along than the concept stage). If you just have an idea for a game, then there's a stickied thread in Progressing Games for ideas.

    As far as trying to recruit people to help you make your game, you can either do so in your own game's thread (if you have one) or in the "Team Recruitment/Volunteering" stickied thread in the main Game Development section. Note that the latter has rules about whether you can post in there - again, you need evidence that the game is actually being made, and isn't just an idea.
    ROM Hacking isn't the section you're looking for if you want to make a game with Game Maker. I would suggest contacting Maruno, the Game Development section mod as he would be able to tell you where your thread should go. Sorry.
    sorry that ive been gone. im back. taking requests again. been working on a music mix resenctly also
    Depends on specifically how you want me to modify them. As I said before, all my sprites are modified, meaning their base is an original pokemon sprite. I don't do custom stuffs, it never works out ._.

    But yes, I've done things like skin/haircolor changes, splices, stuff like that with trainers.
    In my hunts for game-creation programs that I could use, I've come across a ton of programs that seem pretty good and require not a lot of space. Thing is, they aren't those kinda programs or kits or whatever for making a full-fledged videogame or MMORPG.
    They're apparently pretty good though since people seem to use them a good bit. Here's a list of the ones I can remember:
    - Game Maker
    - Adventure Game Studio.
    - Quest(text adventure game program)
    - RPG Maker
    - Sphere.
    And that's about it. lol
    So far as I know, none of these take up a massive amount of space, probably at the most 20MB for a few of those put together.
    I hope that's helpful somehow. ^^
    I wish I was better at Programming and stuff like that ._. been wanting to create a RPG like Skyrim or Fallout or something in that sense of style of game. Haven't really been able to do so since I don't have the space to do that on my laptop.
    Still m confused....u say randomly and the whole script.....u specify which script u mean...
    Ummm.....without any pokemon....u cant do any scripting....so first do that things then I will help u or I can do that things if u want..
    Hmmm..I was busy till now....can u say in which route I need to do the script?
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