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    Why thank you very much! :) and I see I completely missed your last message, I'm sorry! I have played, but not too much lately since I've been busy. Are you enjoying it?
    Hey man, it's Zolt. Ido if you remember me or not, but I was wondering if you'd be able to still help me with my hack idea?
    Oh boy, yeah, it's that time of year :') Luckily most of my friends are getting married next year so I don't have to deal with that yet. I hope they're a fun time!

    Not too much, mostly GT events and playing games :) which is nice, I don't mind a relaxing weekend!
    I'm not too bad, verrrry happy it's the weekend haha! It's been a long week :P how about yourself? Any fun weekend plans? :)
    So, you need to install it and sign up! To find the link, just look up at my PC signature and find it. There's a link called PC Discord Server.
    Yes, of course! Just read the section rules and go ahead and post a gallery! : )
    Well, for now you can't actually donate through Google Play.

    You can choose Pay Pal or Amazon, and yes you need debit card for donating it. Phone Credit is simply too expensive and also not available here. I would recommend you to have a card and donate.
    Oh, I use Amazon to donate for PC it's like 40 ringgit for us. If you have a debit card , you can donate to PC without paying tax and also easier to process.

    I use messenger and what's app but I prefer the new PC discord server which is available under my signature. You just have to sign up and join! Oh, its available for mobile too!
    I may able to help you for getting along with it, it's not that bad for me because it getting more tougher when you go to college . You can pm me if you have any question regarding to mathematics ^^
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