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  • Nintendo very much is awesome for people. To modify a common saying, some Nintendo per day keeps the boredom away.
    Yep! I just think that Lugarugan sounds a lot cooler.

    That would be cool. Lugarugan sounds a lot more menacing than Lycanroc. :P
    Should I consider your face off finished?
    Your number has been chosen by the RNG in the Pokecommunity Face-off series. You can choose the voting format and start hosting your Pseudo-legends face-off now.
    That's alright, and there's no need to feel at fault in one of these situations.

    That aside, I had a hunch that you might be more active on this site, so that is why I have joined here to keep in touch with you, as established previously. I have been steadily opening up to others lately with good conversations.
    Noticeably late to the party, but happy belated 5th year anniversary on this community.

    By the way, this is CartoonFan1994 from YouTube joining this community to hopefully have a more effective way of staying in touch with you.

    I am doing fairly well lately if you are curious about my wellbeing right now.
    Good, Yeah! Lapras is really good, it's crazy cute and they make it look super awesome in the anime! :)
    Hey Classic, Hope you're well?
    Thanks for accepting my request! Looking forward to seeing you around! :)
    Pokémon Mystical? I could probably team up with a few of my Spanosh class members over the summer and get you a translation...
    Lavulite Splice is a game I'm working on using GS Essentials 1.1. The thread is still under approval, but it should be approved soon.
    Hey :D. Yeah honestly I tried to do that for about an hour or more with no luck so I kinda just moved on because I was frustrated -_-. I also tried to catch a female nidoran to no avail so I might either go back to the safari zone or muscle my way through with a team of 5 lol. I appreciate you lookin out for me though :].
    Hey, Classic! If you ever need help locking the current "Great Pokémon Battle" thread, just let me know! I noticed that there was a massive amount of pages, so I wasn't sure if you wanted to start a new one yet. ^.^
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