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  • Hello Colonel, your hackRom is incredible, I recently downloaded it and your story is fascinating, I have a question, the exchange system is disabled, Pokemon evolve by level holding items or with stones, Slowpoke is not evolving into Slowking, the water stone option does not work and leveling up, even if he holds the king's stone, he does not evolve.

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    Cheers - from my end it looks like Slowpoke should evolve into Slowking via a Water Stone, so if that's not working that sounds like a bug, apologies :/
    hola recientemente empece a jugar Pokémon fire red rocket edition y ni zubat ni Golbat aprenden vuelo quisiera saber si solo me pasa a mi o el juego esta programado así?
    I wanted to commend you on an excellent ROM hack. Fire Red Rocket Edition was an awesome spin on the traditional Pokemon formula. The storyline was brilliant, giving plenty of nods to the games' original storyline but with so much extra depth and meaning. There were so many great, memorable moments for me: Ronnie helping the character early on made his endgame redemption arc so satisfying. The interaction with Blue in the Pokemon Tower and in the endgame put the rival and the main game's hero in a whole new perspective. The expansion on the background of the Mewtwo Project and the war alluded to by Lt. Surge added enormous narrative depth to the world. Giovanni's commitment to and sacrifice for his cause made him a likeable anti-hero, to the point that I wanted to conquer the E4 and become the regional Champ in his honor. Bravo, Colonelsalt, bravo.
    HI! I'm an Italian ROM Hacker and a friend of mine (mine is also a ROM Hacker) would like to translate this game into Italian! Would this be possible? (P.s. we are not the usual people who give up )
    Of course, please go ahead! :) Is there anything you need from me for that?
    Hello there! I went ahead and made an account just so I could express my immense gratitude for your outstanding work on Pokemon Team Rocket Edition. This past year has been quite challenging, but your game provided us with a delightful escape. My husband and I have dedicated countless hours to exploring the captivating world you've crafted. Your talent is truly remarkable; honestly, I can't imagine any other ROM hack even coming close, haha.

    What's even more refreshing is that your hack manages to maintain its edge and intrigue without resorting to harmful elements like homophobia or racism, unlike some other popular hacks out there. It's a true breath of fresh air in the gaming community. If you ever decide to embark on similar projects in the future, please know that you have a devoted fanbase here cheering you on. Thanks once again for your incredible work!
    Thought as much as the lads on the Discord were pretty low key about it, the thing the rom doesn't seem to have is your pokemon stealing system, the Spanish game has initiative but it really plays like a normal Fire Red with slightly different objectives and dressed as a rocket.

    Nothing to worry about man.

    Saw on the discord that you are "remastering" the game which is a very welcome surprise, from a female playable rocket grunt to perphaps the teased Johto?

    A supporter can dream after all ;)

    Best wishes Colonesalt who would have said that 3 whole years passed since our last message, love to see you are still around the forum!
    Hey colonelsalt,Tunak here,it has been a long time mate!
    Just a quick message for you to check out this project created by a Spanish romhacker very similar on some aspects to yours(they kinda choose the same name as your romhack which was unfortunate):

    It is not plagiarism at least at first glance(didn't play it yet) but lets you explore 3 regions(Johto,Kanto and Sevii) as a rocket team member with promotions and all, which is very ambitious.

    Here see some links to the project, also posted them in the Pokemon Team Rocket forum:
    Hey there colonel. I have read you are completely revamping Pokemon Rocket Red Edition. A small suggestion regarding a certain special "Pokemon" that one could get near the end of the story (At least I hope it will make a re-appearance) it would be epic if we would be able to change it's form and maybe an Ultimate form in post-game. Also, are there any plans to include Jotho in the remake? Thanks in advance for any reply
    Hey I'm new to the community and I joined hoping I'd be able to ask for consent on doing a animated series based loosely on your room hack rocket edition. I just wanted consent or to know if that be okay cause I didn't want to seem like I was stealing your idea. I plan to make alot of rom hack animated series kinda in the vane of rusty edition, but less....stupid
    hey colonel i want to make my own rom, could u tell me all the apps u used for rocket edition pokemon
    Yo dude, I just made this account to say, out of all the ROMs and fan games I've played, this is the most solid and entertaining to play. I'm gonna replay it with the new version that just came out in July.

    I have to ask if there's gonna be a sequel/prequel. I really wanna know more about the Johto-Kanto War, or maybe what happens in Johto now.

    ((Also, I love the little thing put in when you beat Red when you're not supposed to lol))
    Hey colonelsalt, I just finished pokemon firered rocket and... wow. Truly an amazing hack, and by far my favorite pokemon game. Hats off to you. I want to keep playing just to go explore the world that you created, and sate mewtwo's bloodlust.

    Is there anything else that you are working/have worked on that I could try out?
    Thank you for liking my artwork! ??????
    I have finished playing & I got 1 year sentence lol XD

    Finished all of the sidequests as well & caught the birds...
    I ended up roaming through the whole island to search for Bill, wanna tell him that I already caught Mewtwo & Mew.... But where is he.... I can't find him anywhere (//sobs Q_Q)

    Pls tell me, is this the time I should stop playing & return to my progress in Pokemon Outlaw instead?
    (I have gotten in love with MissingNo tho, looks like I'm gonna MissingItSoMuch, lol :'D)
    Hi colonelsalt! Wow, I played Pokemon Red Rocket Edition & I wanna thank you for making such a masterpiece!! 😍
    The story is waaay deeper compared to the usual Pokemon we know, & I was really hoping there are more fanarts of this game!!
    (I'm almost crying when Boss promoted me to Executive, & I wish I could go defend poor Ronnie when Boss scolds him Q_Q)

    I played in my PSP using TempGBA emulator! Ever since I got promoted to Rocket Admin, I can't see my sprite in every pokemon battle! Until now! What's happening? D:

    Anyway, I made a fanart of MC & Ronnie! Hope you like it! ❤
    Here's the link :
    Hey, created an account just to thank you for your work on Fire Red Rocket Edition. It's been a stressful year, but your game was an absolute delight to play, and my husband and I have spent many, many hours playing the world you've created. You have a serious talent-- I genuinely don't think any other ROM hack can compare, haha. It's also nice to play a hack that has some teeth/edge to it without being super homophobic, racist, etc, unlike certain other popular hacks. It was a serious breath of fresh air. If you decide to embark on any other projects in this vein, know that you've got fans in your corner. Thanks again!
    I Just finished Fire Red Rocket Edition. You did an amazing job! The story was intriguing, the side quests were very well put together, and I'm still amazed at all the little touches you included to make it work within the canon of the original Red Version. Thank you for all the work you did on this project!
    Known around these parts as the best rom hacker we've got all thanks to rocket edition. Please let us know when you make another hack buddy.
    hey man your pokemon red rocket edition rom hack was so fun to play. the story and mechanics were original and unique and held my interest the entire time. It was so good I had to look up the creator and leave a message to you to thank you. Do you have any future pokemon rom hacks you're working on? I'm already sold on anything new you make.
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