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  • I should be unbanned from their Discord server, it was not my intention to say that and I regret it. I am a good person.
    Yes, that. How do I do that again?

    It's fine, I was working on something for a thread in the writer's lounge.
    hey thanks

    Honestly I don't know how to CSS properly so I think the full image only shows up on mobile. Otherwise, it's a zoom in. (which...still works out I guess).
    HELP!!! I am looking for somebody who will touch trade me a Spiritomb. I'll give it right back. Just need the Dex info filled out. If you're willing to part with it for good let me know what you want and I'll see what I can do!
    I forgot to post the link to the heardle, I'm tired today, sorry.

    Hope it wasn't any trouble, I saw you posted the link.
    Hey, I just want to let you know, I EXACTLY know how you have been feeling. I was in that place not more than 2-3 days ago! Until people here made me realize they care for me. And that is something we as humans need, to be told that we are loved or cared for, so rest assured, people ACTUALLY do care about you! Anyways, I gotta go now, so see you later! Take care! <3
    Have a Happy Valentine's Day. I appreciate your presence and have over the past few years.

    ...I can't remember if I sent you something and at this point I'm tired of going to the inbox.


    Like a complete moron, I titled all my letters like this and have no way of remembering who I sent for.
    Love the way you think angie lol

    Can I ask tho how one does rotating avatars? Just curious what the code for that would be hehe
    hey it's Pokecommunity, I know this place

    I hope that life is treating you well these days old friend
    where is the sprite from? I feel like he looks a lil chubby and it's super cute!
    came to say I love the Mesprit sprite and omg the red panda profile, so cute too! :))
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