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  • Thank you. Will hopefully post in more varied sections, with time. Peruses the same subforums out of habit. Might be subconsciously limiting the number of new cultures at once too. Costs a bit more energy to broaden social horizons (even within the same community).
    Your profile design is probably one of my all time favorites I've ever seen XD! Love it!!
    Yo, are gif avatars a thing on pokecommunity?

    I direct this question towards you because your the first admin on the list atm, and i don't feel like making a topic in support.
    Good to hear that things sound like they're taking an upswing for you! But I hear ya, these past couple of years have certainly been uncertain times, eh? I'm hoping to try and get a new job shortly once I am able to return to work, looking for something a little more local :)

    Admittedly I am unsure if I'll be around consistently or not, it all depends if I find something to engage in here on the forums. :P That being said, I did attempt (and complete) my first Nuzlocke (did FireRed) about half a year ago! I'm thinking of doing another one soon, but can't decide which game yet, heh.
    It has, it has! That's my bad ^^;; I thought of PC the other day, and figured I'd pop in!

    It's been going... up and down, but overall good I suppose. COVID has been a pain, but that isn't new lol. How have you been doing?
    I am once again here to harass you about trying Aggretsuko on Netflix.
    Hi hi :smile:
    Say, could you please restore my deleted post in this thread? I deleted it kind of by accident.
    It's right below this one.

    Thanks in advance for reading!
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