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  • No, I'd never quit so soon. I think it's reaching an "okay" territory. I like watching the stuff bloom after I fix things, and it's starting to feel more like a zelda game. I did also notice a sequel called Okamiden, if I enjoy this enough I might go for it.
    I'm still giving it a chance, although after 15 minutes I'm usually ready to put it down. My favorite games are always ones with strong plot or narrative, (yet my favorite series is dragon quest for some reason). I liked the opening but yeah feels like i'm trudging now.

    I'll eventually sink more time into it when i finish the ff7 remake.
    I think you had it as your old profile picture, so I wanted to mention that I purchased okami, needed something to do in case I had a bad reaction to the vaccine.

    It's so unique. I can't think of anything like it...besides zelda maybe? I'm only an hour into it. A small part of me feels like it's a slog, the other part of me is entranced.
    In one month it will have been 10 years (´°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥ω°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥`)

    Since I joined PC and met you
    nooooooooo, it can't be possible, it's impossible, i refuse to believe it... i mean gg
    why are you pink? did something happen? do you have more responsibilities? should you wield the ability to have more responsibilities.
    Just a quick VM to say that your new profile theme looks so adorable, and that after watching Aggretsuko it looks even more adorable! <3
    I can hunt Tapu Lele with you when I remember to play my switch. I kinda play mostly on weekends. I'm at 80 hours into the game after a month. I'll catch up to you eventually..
    Tell me about it. I've only been to work, the grocery store and home. The weather is starting to get better here so I've been able to go to the park a couple of times but that's it!

    Yesss I needed something to communicate with people other than my family and colleagues haha.
    I'm good! Just celebrated my son's first birthday so still trying to bounce back from that + the DST change. How are you??
    I'm at work right now so I'll have to get that later haha. What are you currently hunting? I have paths for Lunala, Yvetal, and Raikou.
    eh, I've been getting back into a bit of pokemon, it's been a little while since I last played a proper game, last time was in 2012
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