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  • I like shiny hunting :o You would have to help me complete my Pokedex so I can get the shiny charm though. I don't know too many who play it. I also read mixed reviews about it. D:
    Yes I feel like the PC heyday was so long ago, but it was only 5 to 10 years. We grew up so much! I want to buy Sword/Shield, but I am not sure if it's worth it...
    I know this was a long time ago, but... I'm sorry if I ever made you angry or upset, or didn't listen to your advice back in the day. I'm sorry if I did push your advice away back then. I have learned from that over the years, though, but I still wanted to apologize to you because I know I made you angry in the past, probably a lot. So, I'm sorry.
    that makes me feel better that it was just an hour ago at least LOL i was out all day yesterday and on friday night so i was like damn how did i miss her coming back wtf
    I know. And yeah, I too am also tired of people complaining about generations as well. With that thread, All I tried to do was bring up some points and that was it. I apologise if it had really caused anything bad, I seriously never meant it at all.
    Might as well come and post this here since I really don't want to revive that thread (and it's probably pretty old by now anyway)

    Okay first off, no, just no, that post is NOTHING like the last part you mentioned. I would never shame anyone for an opinion (unless it's a bad opinion but that's besides the point.) If that is what you think, I greatly apologise. I don't even know how you got to that, all I did was share some points.

    Secondly, I do in fact like that generation! Very much so, when I say it was overrated, I mean it is considered the best when it isn't really, and that is that. That's just my thoughts. I legitamately think every generation is great to some extent.

    Thirdly, I apologise for replying to a seemingly old comment, but honestly, the whole thing that you are trying to tell me about that last sentence is just really bugging me. Please don't say what made you think that, but overall, if you or anyone else took offense from my thread, I owe my greatest apology. I never would shame anyone, especially when all I was trying to do was make a point.
    meh, up and down unfortunately. apparently been quite a while since we last spoke properly ever! since then i have... really changed. been through a lot of mental health stuff that's still very much present, but i'm better than i have been c: so thats a positive i think! i can talk more in detail about it if you're interested ^_^
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