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Colress Machine
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  • Same!
    Parks? Does that include theme parks? The one filled with tons of rides?
    You know what? As soon as I get my first job after college, I plan to go to universal studios there in orlando!
    They have the hogwarts (harry potter)theme park there! Hahaha!
    It's the other way around here! I still got few weeks left before the next semester starts and I dont want to regret later that I did not hang out here on PC as much as I could during this vacation!

    So, Have you planned some things to do for your vacation? c:
    it will have 10 season? That's just awesome <3 I didn't knew abt that tbh. :]
    cool glad to hear. David Tenant was one of my favorite Doctors btw. Did you know he was in Harry Potter ad the Goblet of Fire too?
    Good to hear that! I've been playing pokemon already since i was 9 or 8 i think! Played every single game up to emerald. Never had i played gen 4 and the later ones as i dont have ds at that time.
    But I was playing Emerald competitively!

    Last week, an old buddy of mine gave me his old DS. I started all games i missed! Im playing bw2 now and maybe after i finish the league, do some ev training c:

    Hope to get trades or battles with you by then c: (I may sound some idiot, but actually no idea how? xC)
    Thanks for the accept! =3 How are you?

    Actually cant help but notice your username. I find it awesome and funny xD
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