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Commander Saturn
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  • Hi, I might've already sent you a message about this, but I can't find it. I was looking in my box for pokemon who don't share my original trainer. The idea is that on the off chance that the pokemon I recieved when I wondertraded Comet was from its OT, then maybe I can find the person who got Comet, and maybe they kept him. Is posting other people's OTs and IDs allowed or is that too personal? I won't do it if it's against the rules
    Hi, I'm searching for a wonder traded pokemon that could be in Gen 7, Gen 8, or Gen 9. I'm offering a shiny poochyena via Pokemon home if a person can find the pokemon. (I know this is a longshot) The point is, I want to know how to properly tag this.
    Ok, I'll keep away from trading anything that is impossible to get from the gen 3 games. That goes along with gens 7-9 to complete a living dex as impossible to complete through any official means. I needed to know what's ok to trade and not ok, so thanks for telling me the rules before I unknowingly break them.
    That'll be all for now. Thanks for your time,opinions, and putting up with me over the hack checks thread.
    Unrelated question. Does this site condone the pomeg berry glitch/pop glitzering? If not I won't trade those either.
    I think I only have 1 more. Shiny tapu koko in home. I remember this odd trade of 3 korean shiny tapu koko being traded for the baby pokemon igglybuff or cleffa. That is interesting that they put some expensive bp items on these, so you figured them out as hacks. It's not the tenth time you talked about the BP items, but maybe they were just cheated said items onto the pokemon itself or they you used something like the max item trick like the twitch streamers do with master balls. This whole time I thought I was getting lucky until someone said they were fakes through the nickname they give to a fodder speech bubble pokemon.
    And finally last potentially hacked pokemon on gen 7 27: a starter Litten, not sure if these were shiny locked. OT:L.
    26: a French shiny xurkitree, I remember this one was a gts trade. OT: Samuel only levelled it up once. Is this one legit?
    23-25: are different variations of ash id names. German shiny eelektross holding assault vest 6ivs maxed out move pool. English shiny incineroar with 6ivs 2 maxed out moves darkest lariat and throat chop. This one looks more innocent; a shiny togedemaru without 6ivs and no crazy move pool.
    22: not sure if ivs were hacked in or if this person legitimately trained a shiny roggenrola all the way to lv.84 and makes the stats look a bit weird.
    21: I can't tell how iv spread is on this 1. A French shiny leafeon with pokerus holding assault vest ability chlorophyll maxed out move pool OT: Abélia.
    14-18: are Haddur pokemon; shiny perfect 5ivs with 1iv that's bad in spread. Salamance ribboned with possible ribbons. Aurorus, revenant, and tyrantrum all the same except natures and possibly iv markings, all have maxed out move pools.
    13: a shiny French milotic with pokerus 6iv maxed out move pool has sinnoh contest ribbons, but are possible through pal park transfers. OT:
    Praveena is from hoenn.
    12: hard to tell if this shiny manectric is legit from hgss. Not sure if this was actually a competitive player or if the stats were hacked in. Iv spread is overall unclear OT: DYLAN.
    10: légends2018 French Entei I got off wonder trade with a random human player not a trade bot. Not sure if person wanted to get rid of it because it was from a trade bot or if they mistakingly wonder traded a legit one to me.
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