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Commander Saturn
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  • Thank you I might end up taking you up on that. I told myself I'd get into competitive this gen. I've never really been all that good at battling competitively though, haha. Are you going to get PMD when it comes out?
    I already played through Shield. I'm actually playing through sword now. After I'm done I'm gonna probably finish the dex. What about you?
    He really is! I feel like he's one of the very very few actual fleshed our characters in the series. They did such a good job with him being able to relate to actual cops. I'm just sad cause we probably won't see him again. I doubt they'll ever put him in another game.
    I wouldn't mind a D&P remake but home would be pretty dope. It's a halfway decent solution to the dexit fiasco.
    So apparently there's gonna be a new Nintendo direct for Pokémon on Thursday. You think it's gonna be a diamond and pearl remake?
    Raikou (it's a sabre-toothed tiger, it counts!) followed by Shinx, methinks.
    ...I should probably update my profile at some point, I think I've had had the same info on it since 2017 or so. xD
    I won't ever open one myself Cooking is just something to do until I can afford to go to Big Boi School ™
    I make a mean Grilled Salmon, but really Im not all that great, I still have a lot of learning to do!
    Truth spoken, let's make PC a better place, haha! I found Purugly very annoying, and the battle with Cyrus was amazing too! I don't remember facing any difficulty with Team Galactic except these two, oops. How about you? (I love Saturn, he's the best member of Team Galactic, and his depiction in Pokemon Generations is awesome!)
    Whoa whoa, I'm not a mod of the trading corner, just a passerby XD But I hope your year goes great!
    Congratulations, CommanderSaturn, it's no surprise you became a mod real fast as you're Team galactic's Commander already! Jokes aside, all the best for the future :D
    I have your pokemon ready however, I'm about to get off soon. I'll reach out to you tomorrow because i don't work tomorrow.
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