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  • Cooley, if you never fixed the intro thing in the game, I can probably fix it for you now. By the way, even though I have been out of it for a while now, I think your game Pokemon Eruption turned out to be a great game. And since I have been working on another game's intro at the moment, it should be no different than your intro, unless the sprite has been repointed, in which case would be a bad thing.
    Whoaaaa, super late to this reply. Sorry! Never really on this site much anymore.
    Uhh, I'm like somewhere in southern Jersey. Sorry if that's like too vague, not really comfortable giving out too much info unless it's with close friends. :x
    I haven't been online for a few months... :/

    How are you keeping? I hope your Christmas was good.
    yo man I'm really sorry for bothering you again but I can't find it anywhere I looked for it all over this site and can't find that patch,I only found d/p font patch(I don't even know what d/p is) and patched it and it was normal so I don't think that is the right patch...can you give me the link or something!? I really need your help(if you need scripting help feel free to ask me,I can script alot stuff)
    yo,sorry for bothering ya but I have one question...how can I edit textbox??
    I can't find turorial about it or something! I mean on this ->
    I currently have the character portrait GUI app and a working script compiler that is a command line tool and not exactly user friendly.
    I plan on staying away from maps for now. There are plenty of existing maps to repurpose.
    I also have some handy resources such as a Sappy.xml with tags for the game, a list of units in ROM order and a list of Pilots in ROM order.
    By last video, do you mean the one with Entei? The scripting is really clean and nicely done. :)

    Sorry for the late response, I actually had exams and a lot stuff going on.
    I haven't really been able to do a lot of hacking though. I probably will try to get back on track on my own free time haha.
    A thorough liking for the series sparked the idea of hacking the games.

    Resources used and process:
    HEX editor
    Monkey Moore for the text table, truly excellent program for finding character tables.

    Textboxes were found by just looking for a pointer to the text once I could see where said text was. Then I hit a snag, there was nothing pointing to the textboxes. Through that route I could not get a hold of what makes the stages tick.
    Enter VBA SDL-H. The next thing I did was plow through traces looking for something useful using the address for the textbox. Eventually I came across something that looked a whole lot like a script parser. I fired up VBA-SDL-H set myself a breakpoint and observed. Rregister 1 gave me the offset of the script being read. Now I'm in the process of figuring out what all the functions in the scripting language do.
    Through this I also found a "master table" containing a bunch of pointers to the different things that make up a stage, for each stage.

    The portrait graphics were found using Tile Molester, they're not compressed.
    All other graphics turn out to be compressed and readable through UNlzGBA.
    On a different note. I recently headed back into ROM hacking. Not in Pokémon games though, but in Super Robot Wars Original Generation 2 for GBA. Mostly to see what I could figure out, in the meanwhile however I've almost figured out enough to start making an actual hack!
    Stuff I figured out in order of discovery:
    -Text table
    -Character portraits + Visual Basic program for inserting and viewing them
    -How textboxes are defined
    -How unit spawning is defined
    -Currently, after staring at a debugger all day: delving into the scripting system
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