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  • Your avatar is also so gosh darn cute! Me envy! D:

    And yeah, I get it. I hope your treatment is making things better for you. <3
    Hey uh, sorry to bother you, but I kinda posted on a thread that was much older than a month because. You see. I forgot October existed for a moment, so when I saw the last post was on late September I took a gander & posted on it. I realize now that my faculties aren't all there, ssssh.

    It wasn't until I checked out another thread and realized October existed that I went back and deleted my post. I kinda see that the thread I accidentally revived is back down to where it was before I dug it out, but thought maybe I'd give you a heads up in case somebody notices or points it out.

    My bad, I'll look better next time.
    Genshin kind of destroyed my phone for that very reason, but I can't afford another one right now. Well, I can, but I'm trying to budget.
    Merely curious. The quote on your flair says "Hell is coming to breakfast".

    Is that a reference to the movie "Outlaw Jonsey Wales"?
    I've been trying to come up with new topics that would be make sense and keeping a list of them.
    Thought I'd drop by to say how much I love your post flairs. They always looks so awesome. :D
    What's your current name? You seem to go by a different one a lot, so I was wondering what you go by currently.
    it matches everything so well! and yea i used to not be able to keep one for long either d: hmmm maybe it's time for a change soon....
    /giving my wonderful partner a hug

    Nah, you sound human to me. Anyone can get exhausted or feel faint if you've walked a lot, especially with things heating up as summer arrives. Long walks can be peaceful and relaxing though, so I understand the temptation, and at least you seem like you're getting exercise. Just be gentle with yourself, and hang in there friend. <3
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