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  • As someone who is also experienced with Photoshop, I thought it looked hand made. It looks really good!
    Hi There, pardon my random message but I love your signature and was curious where you got it. :)
    Since you asked, here is the updated feature list of my game:
    Custom graphics! That include maps, tiles, object events, user interfaces, font, sprites...
    A trainer rank that will aply a hard level cap to your pokémon, progress in the main story to improve your rank and level cap (they are tied)
    iPatix mixer to have a better audio engine (so everything sounds better)
    Music from Pokémon D/P/Pt
    Better trainers, they might have some EV/Ivs and trainer-class based balls
    No more gyms! Progress in your adventure and increase your trainer rank instead
    An upgraded battle engine up to gen 8; this includes move efffects, animations, abilities, battle mechanics and so on
    Expanded items and Pokémon! Most of the items available, as well as Pokémon up to gen 8
    Mega Evolution! Hahahaha just kidding, you can't mega-evolve in this game, at least yet!
    No more HMs! Tbh, fuck those
    Pokémon can forget any move! That includes moves that used to be HMs
    Infinite Tms! You can reuse them and you can't sell them. They won't restore you PPs tho
    New summary screen: this includes nature mints, arrow for the nature affected arrows and Iv grades (you have to unlock them first!)
    EV/IV screen viewer: you can check this in Froid's laboratory or try to get the item by yourself, good luck with it!
    An improved DexNav! This has a custom UI and you can get it as an item! Register/unregister Pokémon and check your current chain from the item
    Sortable bags
    Running indoors
    Nicknaming from the summary screen(only if the mon is yours)
    Plural in items when you get them
    Item description on first pickup
    New trainer classes and npcs
    Two buttons to register items instead one, the other one is for the DexNav. You can choose the DexNav button in the options menu
    Autorun/Creep, you can turn it on/off in the options menu
    Last used ball in battles with pressing R
    Improved emulation speed up
    Works in real hardware
    Party menu icons in the loading screen
    Custom trainer card where you can see your trainer rank
    Start menu can show you your current objective/current level cap and quest info (Press R to swap them, the game will remember your selected option)
    Poison damage in the overworld will let you survive with 1HP
    Expanded bag pockets, carry more items than Pokémon Emerald!
    Auto read signs without talking to them
    Sideway stairs that will slow you
    Metric/Imperial units in the Pokédex
    Option to turn on/off battle anims, including Pokémon animations.
    Option to mute the game
    Option to choose the wild battle theme (DPPt, Emerald and FR)
    Choose another repel after one is wasted
    Complete quest system for secondary stuff, with info about the npc, map and filterable quests (All, on-going, completed.)
    New emoticons for npcs
    Box to show the names of important characters
    wild grass making a sound when you walk over it
    Headbutt trees
    Rock climb
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