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  • -runs from behind the crowed waving my hands- *out of breath* I would like to thank you....you are/where one of the only people who where nice to me on this forum so I thank you. I will miss you and I hope life treats you well. Farewell.
    Because....because.....ask the snow! Why don't you just melt already and give me back my precious green grass and leafy trees again?!

    ....but that's not how things happen, sadly. :<

    Just be patient, my friend! It'll come eventually. ;D
    It's beautifullll. (*o*)

    Well, that's how things go: Old things fall away and new things come. The leaves fall and snow comes, but in the end, the snow melts and spring arrives, bringing life! :D It's the Circle of Life, you can't avoid it~ (There is one way to avoid it though, and that is by coming to my country where the Circle is stuck at one season foreverr xD xD)
    YESHH I really love it during autumn/fall! The pretty multicoloured leaves falling from the trees make the environment so beautiful and soothing. It's sad I don't get autumn here in my country. All we have for miles around are green trees everywhere. Not that I dislike green trees; they're really great, but I would enjoy a change of scenery every now and then. c:
    I do like changing seasons and winters. I've lived in Australia for a year and I liked it, so I don't see why I won't like Boston. xD I'll be able to adapt to the weather there; I love the cold coupled with snuggly blankets and thick winter clothing. :3
    Lol I'd probably try to go down the mountain slowly at first. To scarred to go down. lol
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