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  • Hahaha if only we could~ It alternates between sun and rain here, but yeah, it's the rainy season now. Sunny during the day, but almost always rainy soon afterwards. But firstly, do you like intense hot and humid weather the whole year round? If you do, my country's just the right place for you!! xD
    It's pretty easy to find.
    I also meant things like best buy bonus tracks/tour editon tracks etc.
    Ahaha >< I don't know how that's like as I've never shovelled snow before, but I expect it's a great form of workout. Sounds fun! xD Snow will always be in my good books until I find out about its cold side for myself.
    Yeah, but I want to reach 1,000+ posts so I posted! (And man, I always listen to music when I'm on PC lol)
    I blame all the good radios for putting all Katy Perry songs at thr same time! (Not kidding lmao, Wide Awake, Part of me and Fridy night)
    Cool sounds fun but painful. Never been skiing before though it's one of thing that you sort of want to try in life.
    Yes, I definitely will if I get the chance! My country doesn't snow nor has snowy mountains, so I would have to wait till my holidays to be able to go to a winter country that has skiing as one of their winter sports.
    Not an awful lot. Lot of playing Pokemon Platinum. Been listening to the The Classic Crime album you say I should listen to. Good so far.
    Wow, you certainly must have! I'm really envious; I've never gone skiing before. It is one of my aims in life to go skiing at least once. D:
    Hmm, nope. I've just been at home all weekend studying. Boring..:c
    Yeah the same happened for Black and White for me. I learned a ton about them and White wasn't as fun. Then for B2W2, I tried avoiding spoilers more, which I sort of did, but I ended up getting some spoilers. They are still great games though! I haven't posted much in X and Y cause of that.
    Thank youu! ^-^ Yeahh, I got that feeling too when I first saw it. It's too adorable <3
    Here's the code I use.

    [ css-div="position:relative;top:4px;left:21px;"][ cd=width:16px;overflow:hidden;][ css-div="position:relative;right:17px;"][ sound=Seduction]http://w ww.fileden.com/files/2010/8/19/2946379/seduction.mp3[/sound][/css-div][/cd]
    I know what you mean, haha.

    I wanted to take a screenshot of my 1993'rd post, but I got carried away in the DCC :(
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