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  • Yup I'm gonna try to avoid spoilers as much as I can. I might get some info like the starterrs, some of the new Pokemon, and maybe some new features, but I don't want to know too much before hand.
    I like Feenkin and then Chespin the most. I thought Froakie was a little a weird at first, though I've grown to like it too. Right now I likely will go with Fennekin , but I'll have to see their evos and stats and such. Personally for the mascots, I love Yveltal and will likely go with Y cause of that.Though it also depend on which has better version-exclusives.
    Ok alright.
    I'm very exited for X and Y. I stayed up late for the announcement and the trailer along makes the games look promising. They look like they're gonna be awesome. I love all the Gen VI Pokemon they've revealed so far.
    I'll have to listen to it. That's what Spotify's for me lol.

    I'm gonna have to find it. Our I can PM Miss Doronja to sent me my answers back and then Forward them to you.
    I think you're right. Want to see my answers too?

    I heard Classic Crime's new album's pretty good. Don't know lot of their songs though.
    It's fine . Don't worry about it. We didn't do so good but it was fun. :)
    I'm not really listening to anything right now, but basically have the same taste most of the time. Really into FOB's new song if you couldn't tell by my theme. Not they're best , but it really gets into your head.
    I don't mind either way really. I'm just wondering which one we both got correct. XD
    I think so. I'm thinking he's gonna post the results of the challenge sometime soon. Though I'm not sure if that'll include to the answers of all the pairs. Probably today or tomorrow. I want to know what you said too lol.
    I had no idea myself but I tried to guess what/how you'd think.
    Obviously I knew how to answer the questions myself cause I'm me and I know how I think. XD
    I already did so you should of gotten a PM with questions. You're suppose to PM Miss Doronjo with your responses and how you think how I'd respond.
    Good to hear that, man. You think you and her would ever have a chance of getting together?
    You made your av and sig by yourself??? P&F + Gangnam Style = OPPAN PHINEAS & FERB STYLE LOL of the world xD. Don't forget your profile pic!
    Also just so you know, since we're paired for the matchmaker's event, then I signed us up for the Newlyweds Challenge. If that's ok and if sign-ups are still available that is.
    Awesome. How come I kind of expected this to happen? We have lot in common I guess.
    Anyway, things been going alright lately. Still in the same position I've been in a while: looking for a job and trying to get into college. Valentine's Day was boring. Did nothing but sat on my computer all day, but my dad did buy some good candy on sale the next day. How about you?
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