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  • Stripes was 16 and lived a good long life. She probably went away because it was her time.. As for Runty, he probably got lost or something and never returned. When I live on my own someday, my cat will be indoor only.

    Kripsy Kreme. xD I work at a grocery store bakery now.

    I haven't played a real video game in about a month now? So much in my backlog... Though I do watch people play stuff sometimes. About the only game I play these days is Love Live! School Idol Festival on my phone. I do watch anime though. Usually only one or two things as they air though.
    Yeah, I'm together with the one I love~
    Losing cats you've known for years is hard... I still miss Stripes and Runty. I just can't get attached to our new cat.
    I've just been working still. A slightly better paying job now. Really busy a lot of the time. Usually on my off days I just watch anime or something. Been doing less gaming.. Life is kinda meh, but I found someone I love too~
    Glad I came back here now, I missed you quite a bit. xD

    Life seems to take more than it gives most of the time...it's a shame about your cat, although you probably made the right choice to drop out of Uni if you weren't enjoying it. It's stressful enough without that on top of things too.

    Congrats! It's nice to have someone who you can count on and will support you. It's definitely easier to follow through with school if it's something you're interested in too, so I'm glad you've found something you can be passionate about. Work is easier if you enjoy it, right? At least, I found it easier when I worked at my old University. Pharmacy degrees are pretty tough though, no? Four years or so, I think? Well, if you're doing a combined undergrad/postgrad, anyway.

    Life for me is mostly downs, if I'm honest. Although I'm at least out of secondary care now and I've been working on improving things at a pace I am not happy with but is manageable. Somewhat. Had a rough patch in September/October last year I probably shouldn't talk about publicly. Left this place for about eight months in July 2016 because things went sour too. Kinda just lurk now. There are a couple of things that make life worth carrying on with, though.

    Saaaay. Do you have Discord? Would love to catch up more :o
    ...wow, it worked!

    Hey! Not seen you in, like, an age. Nearly two years. How have you been?~
    Yeah! It was so brief tho... I missed the Japanese Ace Attorney livestream last night, but it looks like Maya is back, too. (Not really surprised, but happy nonetheless. xD)
    It's okay. I haven't really been able to play Splatoon or any other multiplayer games with anyone anymore except maybe like... once a month if I'm lucky?
    I think he had one line relating to pickles in the original Japanese dialogue. But now it's like... "We will ferment in love's pickle barrel for all our days!" What the hell even... Wow. I'm pretty sure there's already an edit or fanart of Foxy Grandma Camilla on tumblr or something if you look. xD Punch them in the face?! Domestic abuse... But yeah, if you just tap the screen instead of rubbing. they react like you gave them a rude awakening. xD

    We do have another cat called Kit Kat now, but I'm not too attached to her. She's still pretty cute tho.

    A lot of people are worried about the new Paper Mario... Whoever localized Bravely Second missed out on a pun opportunity. They could have called the class "Nekomancer!" >w>
    But I thought there was the whole 2D vs 3D thing and how 3D is never as good as 2D? xD
    Thank. c:
    Ace Attorney anime hype! Your birthday is coming up soon! :o
    Once again, we can arrange an online game session. I'd love to play with you and Dragon. :D
    Some of the English lines are so ridiculous, such as Hisame's odd fixation for pickles. I suppose Camilla became foxy grandma. They try so hard to make her sound seductive but the effort falls flat. xD You can also wake up your spouse by poking their face, if only for a fewseconds. xD

    Stripes probably went off to die, but it's okay... she lived a good happy 16 years. ;w;

    Glad to see Splatoon still has more tricks up its sleeve! I wonder what changes will be made to Splatfests? Nintendo Direct was kind od meh. I'm interested in the Rhythm Heaven 3DS game and mecha Kirby game somewhat. Is it weird to say my interest in Bravely Second has increased due to the existence of the "Catmancer" class? :seduce:
    You mean it isn't already the waifu age? ~_~
    Thank youuu. ;w; and yeah Mew is adorable, so is Muffet. I'm digging around for my next avatar soon hahaha.
    I am still searching for a new academic path...
    Oh, have you watched any new anime as of late? Honestly,I still haven't watched anything after Hibike! Euphonium ended. xD
    I've barely played MK8 even though I bought all the DLC and everything. I think I mostly bought it as something to do with friends.
    Yeah, I secured a Special Edition of Fates! What are your thoughts on Pieri becoming Peri and her English voice? You can still "blow" the main character's spouse. ‎( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    These cats are becoming a PC meme pretty much. The thread about them is currently featured in the Treehouse. :strut:

    I send a contact request on Skype. :) They kept adding to Splatoon for a long, long, time... I wonder if there will be another installment in the near future? :o
    I saw a clip of the Squid Sister's concert on Youtube? I know Miku has had concerts even here in the States... Maybe the Squid Sisters could too, eventually?!
    I missed you more than I care to admit. x'D I-It's not like I still have your old Skype pinned on my favorites along with the rest of the former "Elite Four" or anything!

    I'm still working at the donut shop. I think I've had enough dillydallying with volunteering and selling donuts tho... My goal is to go back to college by Fall semester of this year. I doubt I'll make any friends since I couldn't the first time, but I gotta get a degree so I can make more moneyz, y'knkow? xD I can't be working at the donut shop forever (I'll end up like Undertale's Burgerpants! x'D) Omg I got Mario Kart 8 for myself for Christmas a few months back... (But I've barely played it. It's just not as fun as Splatoon or Smash imo) so we could play that, too. I've bought a few games since we last spoke, but honestly I haven't finished anything since I completed Ultra Despair Girls!

    PC has made a lot of improvements, such as integrating these amusing new cat emotes! :seduce:

    Feel free to PM me your new info. Yeah... ever since around October of last year and more games started coming out, I played Splatoon a little less. Now I play about once a week or so or during Splatfests.
    Been okay! Still struggling at my job but at least I have one for now even though I've plans to quit soon. I love your avatar :O aa
    Ah, same but with PC and work, ehe~

    Lisia has been going crazy over your return ;_; Do you still have your skype? :]
    Well welcome back, no matter how long your visit may be. We missed you a ton! ;w;
    How has University been? Make any new friends? Any cool games you've been playing aside from Splatoon? I like your new Muffet theme~ Did you know PC's gonna do a special voiced playthrough of Undertale that will feature the voices of various PC users? Dragon's gonna be Asriel! :o

    Any chance you might come back on Skype, too? We should play Splatoon again sometime. It's so difficult to get anyone to play Splatoon with me anymore... x'D I bet you've reached max level and could easily kick my butt, aha.
    It's certainly true that a good villain makes for a good game. Though my personal favorite type of villain is one that can be related to. I love it when a bad guy makes me question my characters ideals I suppose... when their cause might just be more justified. I just don't get that from Dahlia is all, though I do still like her if only for how despicable she is. XD

    I love Objection 2001. I often listen to remixes of that song as well as many others when taking part in mafia games. That kind of crazy accusatory shenanigan is perfect for those games. XD
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