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  • Did you understand Ywach's defeat btw?

    My first impression was the portion of Zangetsu's power he absorbed destroyed him from inside
    It's not clear whether Nnoitra's strength increased to to his experience gain or to the Hogyoku. His rank went from 8 to 5, but it seems like it's due to Aizen using the Hogyoku, rather then his own efforts. Nnoitra's the only Espada who said something about the Espada's power level increasing, but as far as I know, it's probably just the Hogyoku.

    Yammy talked about his power increasing too. "Here I've been eating and sleeping like crazy to build up my spiritual pressure..."

    I love Yammy, lol.

    Shirosaki always mentions something like "let me go back already." I guess he meant going back to sleep...? Because there's no way he could be anywhere but in Ichigo's inner world.

    The scarmask appeared in a random chapter with Nnoitra messing around with injured Ichigo, and Inoune looking to help him. But he surely he didn't develop the mask at this time. The scarmask's source is Shirosaki, whom must've gone to the next step in power by resisting Ulquiorra's 2nd stage ressurection.

    Urahara said Chad's power will advance to the next level by fighting a bankai since it had room to grow. I'm guessing the same thing happened with Ichigo in his fight vs. Ulquiorra's resurrection bankai.
    After evolution from menos to arrancer, the causality for power growth changed. Instead of eating other hollows for growth, the arrancer now grow based on experience gained in battle, just like Shinigami.

    Shirosaki is the embodiment of Ichigo's instincts, which increase with Ichigo's desire and ability to fight, which is also gained via battle experience.

    Ichigo's power grew significantly after battling Grimmjow, battling Nnoitra and watching Zaraki's love of battle and pure battle instinct. Ichigo died vs. Ulquiorra, then it seemed like his powers increased AGAIN when he came back to life as a fully transformed Vasto Lorde Vizard.

    Watch episode 233 and 234 of Bleach. It's a filler, but it's about Shirosaki! Shirosaki's still an Adjuchas Lizard in those episodes, but he explains he's the form Ichigo's instincts takes up, and the source of Ichigo's hollow powers.
    It was clearly an Adjucha lizard during Ichigo's training with the Vaizards. This Adjucha lizard fought without the conscious direction of Ichigo or Shirosaki, but were only fighting captain level shinigami whom didn't even release their swords [except for Kensei].

    Then, he appears again right before Ichigo dies from his chest wound with Orihime's screaming and Ulquiorra in his second stage Resurrection, and proceeds to hand Ulqy's arse to him with undeniable superiority. The heaviest reiatsu displayed in Bleach so far (according to Ishida anyway) was defeated by this newly seen hollow form that came from Ichigo's power, and again it wasn't even directed by Ichigo or Shirosaki's mind, thus it's undeniably Vasto Lorde hollow transformation.

    I think Ulquiorra is Vasto Lorde afterall. He's just weaker then 1-3 because he didn't make the high speed regeneration for greater powers trade! :P

    I believe Shirosaki could've defeated Ulquiorra with his Adjuchas Lizard body too though.
    I wonder if Ulquiorra's actually an adjuchas arrancer seeing as he was defeated by a mindless Full Vasto Lorde Hollow Transformation Vizard in his Full Resurrection state.

    But he did say he didn't trade high-speed regeneration for greater powers like the other Espada, so maybe he still is a Vasto Lorde, just a weak one. While the three (well four including Yammy) Espada above him were simply very powerful Adjuchas whom are more powerful due to trading high-speed regeneration for greater powers.
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