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  • Yeah, that's a nice feature that we can have more of now that we're moving to decomps

    Thanks... really looking forward to finishing it as well
    Check this out - something I've been working on for later betas:

    I wrote most of these npc scripts, tried to give each and every one of them a soul. Happy to hear that it shows, npcs with boring text make the in-game world feel empty and bland

    We'll make the end of beta 3 more obvious then! Loads of people seemed to be confused...
    I want more too buddy X) Glad you liked it. I've done the maps and tiles of beta 3 but it still needs to be scripted. Join the darkfire discord if you have a discord

    you share photos with [img*]photo url[/*img] or the Insert Image button

    oh, also apparently you seem to have deleted your last message
    Thanks, glad you're playing it

    The 2nd beta should take around 12 hours I think

    you need Flash to figure out how to proceed there, just find the staircase and go back for now
    You are talking about the encounter in the museum right?

    Yeah, that's intended. Remember the Team Rocket Hideout in Mahogany Town in GSC? Its very similar to that
    do you have a switch then? there's sword & shield already on the switch, and now brilliant diamond/shining pearl is coming too.. idk if I'll buy them, I don't have a switch

    it's super old, guessing you can't easily do much of anything on it

    yeah exactly. But everyone just wants to do their own thing with their hack and barely anything ever gets completed that way
    yeah, exactly. I hear some of the younger people have started in the ds era and we the original hackers started playing pokemon on a color or advance lol Its a great contrast, but it also goes to show that people who grew up with the later gens love pokemon as much as people who grew up with gen 1

    what kind of computer do you have now? you can run most of these hacking tools on pretty much any pc

    started working on darkfire in 2018, before beta 1 was released a year later in 2019. We're a team of two though, the guy who posted the thread of the hack here on PC (Karl) does all the scripting/more complex features for it

    ... its really tough to do everything by yourself
    yeah, couldn't agree more. There's still hope, lots of new people from younger generations have poured into rom hacking (both as hackers & players)... now there's people who started out with pokemon with gen 4, or gen 5 or an even later gen too - imagine that, people who haven't started out with Pokemon FRLG or RSE or earlier games, coming to hack FRLG and RSE and play hacks... Very amusing

    so what about you, are you going to try your hand in rom hacking again?
    the hacking section in general is not what it used to be, even with the new possibilities, community growth has been very slow or even declining from what I've seen. I do miss the map rating thread

    great, tell me what he thinks then
    Yeah, hope the pandemic comes to an end, lockdowns are getting too much now

    I see some semblance between my new and old styles. My old mapping style was fully "natural" while the new one combines that and some of the nintendo style of mapping. As for the colors/choice of tiles, I don't see the similarity too much, except if you are talking about the hack I did in 2011 (Aegis) which I based the tiles of darkfire's primary tileset on. Here's a screenshot from Aegis:

    In any case, thanks for the feedback, always love to hear it!

    I thought I'd moved on too after I quit back in 2011 or so, yet here we are xD I bet you can do better too, I mean when you're older, you're wiser and more capable by default, back then for me at least I was just a kid screwing around, now I can actually sit down and focus, I've mapped half the region in the hack and more!

    rom hacking has come a long way too, there's many more tools available, rom-bases covering a wide variety of features, much more research has been done and of course there's pokemerald now. If you're looking to get back into it I suggest you read about pokemerald and the decomps because its a new style of hacking that puts the old school binary hacking we've been doing to shame because of how many new things you can do to the rom and how much hacking versatility it gives you. People have done some pretty awesome things with decomps lately, like pokemon follow-me scripts and such... look it up
    Fair enough. You don't need a degree to make your life good

    2 years sounds fair, how long have you been married?

    haha thanks. I've improved a 100 times since the old days. Tell me what you think about the hack
    Its been so long since we last talked yeah

    Sounds great! how did you graduate with no degree?

    congratulations. Hope it's a good marriage. you planning on having children?

    It's going fine, I guess. I'm barely active here, just checking when I'm bored. Been doing a hack recently for fun, check it out
    You're welcome, and it doesn't matter. I haven't been very active in a long time, so I have no right to judge.
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