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  • Did you understand Ywach's defeat btw?

    My first impression was the portion of Zangetsu's power he absorbed destroyed him from inside
    Actually, I believe that capitalism-with-state-regulation is the only system with a prayer of working with human beings. You can have bug fixes to patch the shortcomings from theory to reality (a state to regulate natural monopolies or run public goods that no private company can provide), and you can have a certain level of income redistribution to stop inequalities from appearing and to make life a bit easier, but that's it. A no-state "total free market" world would be a nightmare in which many services wouldn't exist or would be provided in the most unfair way you can imagine, and fully-state-run systems (from communism to Chinese State Capitalism) introduce so many distortions that you end up either breaking the economy altogether or causing abject inequality.

    In the end, both no-state laissez faire and communism require humans to have a generous, selfless nature real-life people do not have, because one single selfish person can break them to death, and incentives in both precisely push you towards abusing them.

    I grew up in a very lefty family (my aunt works for a communist trade union, and I'm currently looking at Das Kapital in my shelves as I write this), but I can assure you that nothing works better than a system in which there's the biggest, freest competition in every field, and in which there are dozens of companies flogging the same goods, allowing consumers to choose. But since some sectors are harder to get into, and companies will try to buy the competition and consolidate, that's where you get a state to regulate it. Anything that goes out of that is not " an extreme", it's just an ideological system that may work in theory but fails when faced with real people.
    (sorry, i'm just usually avoiding work talk on weekends)

    Organic materials in science are carbon-based, yes.

    I'm actually not sure on what you're trying to ask or suggest in the middle paragraph. Synthetically made organic materials are generally what we use, but sometimes you can't completely replicate synthetically the same structures or composites as nature creates, as seen with some bacterial cellulose for example, so it becomes a material with different properties compared to man-made imitations.

    i have no idea of what state corporatism means, i've forgotten what the word ubiquitous means, so i probably haven't really thought about that one question in general, sorry
    Both of those are reasons for switching to organics yeah :) plus disposal/recycling and environment concerns in the route of production and also that organics have other features that metals don't have.
    Thank you! And yup, standard Monday to Friday 9-5 worker here, so I always look forward to weekends. :P
    Glad to hear! I have a suuuper persistent cough still, but aside from that I'm doing well, too. :) Weekends are great.

    I like lame jokes though, haha. How are you? Hope you are liking it here on PC so far!
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