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Crunch Punch
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  • oh dude be my guest! i'm pretty sure i myself took the framework from someone else and changed it a little bit, so yeah go for it man.
    i've never had the double decker but if you like that then definitely try the crunch wrap supreme. it'll change your life
    i'm shook knowing that they don't have one there but i'm sure they'll get around to it eventually. did you try any of the icee drinks from taco bell bc those are the best
    #prayforlondon there's a taco bell and a mcdonald's on every street corner here
    i guess i've never really thought about it like that haha. did you try anything new while you were here?
    it is far lmao. did you fly straight to Colorado or did you get a chance to explore the states? personally i've never been that far west
    whaaa? i was in town all last week, why do you break my heart in such ways
    my 2* basically just means apathy at this point, i need to revise my rating system a bit because the line between 3 and 2 is getting awfully blurry. however i'd still keep it on the lower side because i'm just really not a fan. doolittle, on the other hand, i can get behind for the most part but it's still inconsistent; the highs are just higher and more frequent

    come on pilgrim might be my favorite release of theirs probably because it's so short and doesn't have as much time to fck up. plus front to back it's pretty strong. that's a good ep
    i could never get into that album even when i really liked pixies. i just think it's so inconsistent and the highs aren't even that good outside of 'gigantic' & 'bone machine.' but then again i think they're largely possibly the most overrated canonized group so What Do I Know
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