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Crunch Punch
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  • sounds like a plan, i'll have you on the best megabus money can buy to atlanta
    I'd LOVE to see that. I'm a huge Paul McCartney fan (he's my favorite Beatle) and I love Roger Waters, but with Bob Dylan there too? That's an insane lineup.

    Have you given a listen to the "I'm Not There" soundtrack? It's an awesome album to an awesome movie. Have you heard of this cover of "Man In The Long Black Coat"?
    Are you talking about this one? This is the one I was thinking about attending since it's the closest to where I live, but none of the other bands interest me.

    If I had to choose, it would be "It's All Over Now, Baby Blue". What's yours?
    Yeah. It's easier with Bowie because his voice has always been prone to changes.

    And agreed! I Can't Give Everything Away tears me apart. It's so good.
    Not much, just getting read to celebrate my 75th birthday. ^^

    Seriously though, I'm dying to see him when he comes to my city.
    Definitely good choices. 8)

    Iggy's new album was great! I love Gardenia. Bowie's new album is fantastic too.
    (What the heck was our last conversation about...)

    Uh. Tough question.

    Bowie - Low. Favourite song on there and in general it's just genius. Who would have released this record at the height of disco?
    Iggy - Lust for Life probably. Again, favourite songs on there ect. Just solid in general.
    Floyd - Okay this is super generic but I've gotta go with DSOTM. It's just too good to pass up.

    You? :)
    YES and it's been great having it :,) to be honest the dude should've failed me but he knew i know how to drive and the fact that it was probably my nerves
    FFFFFFFFFF i haven't even thought about cooking. i can make like 10 dishes, rip me.
    noice, i feel ya. i don't think i could go that far away though, i might get homesick and have a mid semester crisis
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