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  • I've heard some of StancePunks and Veltpunch, but not MergingMoon...
    Also, sorry for replying so late, joining university drained all of my time! hahaha
    And they would cut my head.

    As long as it's still simplisti, should be fine :]
    I'd like to think they're not that strict. Or I'd be dead by now lmao

    It's the one in your signature?
    If I fail, I die ;;

    Uh just been playing video games, it's the only thing I do nowadays. What about you?
    Yeah, in that playthrough my nicknaming theme was constellations, so that caught my eye.

    Anyway, same to you. I have seen your name Ardent around a bit. And my name's Scott, so yeah.
    Ha, cool name. If it's after the southern cross constellation, that's what I named my Absol in my newest White 2 playthrough.

    Sorry if that sounds random, I just saw the name and immediately thought of that. =P
    Eh, about to go to the pool to work off this burger from Sarge's Grill, which is a little but posh place locally around. It hurts so good :p

    What've you been up to, then? And what's so interesting 'bout me? :3

    I have a much higher standard of taste. I require at least Ranch with my clothes.
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